Uptown Pokies Casino

Online gambling means freedom to play whenever you like, and to enjoy a wider range of games that any in-person casino can offer. That doesn’t mean that online gambling comes without its problems though. Issues at a regular casino are cleared up very quickly and there are always staff members around to provide you with assistance if you run into a problem. This is not always the case with an online casino. That’s why at Uptown Aces we put such a big emphasis on quality customer support. It’s important to be able to get help right when it’s needed through a system that you can use with ease.

There are several different customer support methods available to serious gamblers looking for help. Whether players are brand new at the casino, or they have been playing there for years, there’s a simple and fast way to ask for help right when problems arise. Players are urged to make use of all the different support tools that are available to them to answer their questions and get through problems fast.

Using the FAQ Section

Players are Uptown Aces are encouraged to make use of the FAQ section before accessing any other type of customer support to get many of their questions answered as quickly as possible. The section is in-depth and strives to answer all the common questions that a gambler would have while using our site.

Talking through Live Chat

One of the most convenient ways to seek out help from customers support at Uptown Aces is through their Live Chat service. The service is available 24/7 and offers fast responses to anyone needing help. Support is delivered right then and there, and a staff member sits on the chat line answering your questions as they come in to try and work out whatever issue there is with your account or services.

Using the Direct Phone Lines

For fast voice assistance, there are a few different direct phone lines at Uptown Aces. There’s a toll-free number as well as a regular number to dial for customer service. Each number connects players to a support staff member that’s ready to answer a variety of questions. Simply call one of the numbers for help immediately during the available phone hours.

Email Support

Gamblers that don’t want to work with live support, or that aren’t in a hurry to get an answer to their problems can get help through a dedicated email support system as well. Uptown Aces offers fast and reliable email responses for most problems that crop up. Simply send out an email to the dedicated email address and a response will come in within a day in most instances. It’s fast and simple to use, and works well even if most support staff are away during your standard play hours.

With three different reliable customer support tools at your disposal, getting help while gambling at Uptown Aces is simple to do and very easy. Enjoy all the games and services offered by the casino, and easily get help as it’s needed while gambling online.