Fish Catch Slots

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Types5-reel, video, bonus
ThemesFishing, Fish
Fish Catch suggests this could be a fishy experience. But will it prove to be a good one as well? Finding a fishy theme in a slot game is not an unusual experience. That said, this is not the kind of game you have ever played before. How can we be so confident in saying that? Read on to find out more about this unusual game.

Reels and paylines

Created by RTG, Fish Catch doesn’t provide you with reels, nor does it deliver any paylines. You won’t play on your own either. You are pitted against another three players whenever you try your luck with Fish Catch.

Coins you can select

One thing that does feel familiar here is the chance to select a bet from the variety of coins provided. There should be something there for most budgets to be suited to.

Valuable symbols used in Fish Catch

There are plenty of cute fish in this game, but your task is to try and shoot them. Oh, dear. Well, at least you can win some prizes if you manage to hit any. As you might suppose, some fish are worth plenty more than others. Prizes will vary, but you can earn up to 1,000x your bet if you manage to hit the best ones.

Are there bonuses here too?

Can you find the Mermaid’s Wheel? This wheel looks as if it will appear randomly as you play, rather than you needing to do something specific to trigger it to appear. There are assorted fish and weapons here as well and making your choices might well determine the outcome. The idea of the wheel is that the wins that can be produced could be worth up to 250x. This is calculated as per the amount you wagered whenever the Mermaid’s Wheel feature was triggered.

Download and play Fish Catch slots now

It is still early days for this game from RTG. Many of their titles turn into huge hits, but since this is not strictly a slot game, it could be a hit, or it could be anything but. Fans of RTG are bound to want to try it though – something we think everyone should do. If you are ready to check out the possibilities, give Fish Catch a go today and see what you think. Will it be a swimming success?