Progressive Pokies

Ah, progressive pokies… who doesn’t love these games? They appear at most online casinos, so if you want to play some you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them.

But why have these games caught on in such a big way? We thought we’d look at the main reasons why pokie players love seeing and taking part in these games.

Everyone wants the chance to scoop a jackpot

Most pokie players recognize the odds are against them when it comes to the chances of scooping a major progressive jackpot. However, we all love the thought of being able to get one of those prizes. It’s that old idea, isn’t it – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

We guess there is always the slim chance you could be the lucky winner – or us, for that matter. Who knows when the lucky winning combination is going to be struck, or who will be the lucky player to trigger it?

These pokies provide at least one additional prize that could be won

Every game features a paytable. That paytable reveals all the prizes you could win if you decide to play that game. Pokies vary in their generosity and RTP (return-to-player) percentage. However, one thing you will never see on the paytable is the size of the progressive jackpot you could win. It might be mentioned, but you won’t know any more than that.

As such, progressive pokies provide another chance for you to win a prize. In some cases, these pokies have several progressive jackpots to win. Each one will be bigger than the last, so it gives you something else to shoot for.

Sometimes the jackpots can reach over a million Aussie dollars

You never know how high these jackpots are going to climb. The smaller ones regularly pay out a few hundred or a few thousand Aussie dollars. However, the biggest ones – think of Aztec’s Millions or Mega Moolah, for example – will deliver jackpots in the million-dollar-plus category. That attracts a lot of attention, which means more people play, more bets are placed, and the jackpots go ever higher.

Winning millions of dollars playing your favorite pokies seems like a dream. For most people, it will remain a dream. Every now and then though, someone gets lucky. The thrill of that chance happening for you is why we all love progressive pokies so much.