Seahorse Surge Slots

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Types6-reel, bonus, video
ThemesUnderwater, Fish

Seahorse Surge is a newer slot with bright sea creature symbols and a setting deep in the ocean near a sunken ship. The game has a mysterious appearance and nicely drawn symbols with bright animations, It's an inviting slot that seems appealing to gamblers who like sea creatures, and we were intrigued enough to put together this rapid review of the slot.

Easy Features with Modest Win Potential

We quickly discovered that Seahorse Surge isn't designed to make players rich. The slot has predictable volatility and delivers consistent wins to players while giving gamblers a straightforward interface to control things with. We weren't overly impressed by the game, but it was so simple to use that we would recommend it to new gamblers without hesitation.

Designed by Realtime Gaming

RTG or Realtime Gaming is a top-tier software company that offers a huge collection of well-loved games to gamblers from around the world. Seahorse Surge is another game made by the same company and if you join a casino with this game you'll have access to all the other creations too.

Straightforward Wagering and Gameplay

The slot has fixed paylines and wagering is accomplished by pressing plus and minus symbols before you spin. Use the two symbols to adjust your wager to a level you're comfortable with and then start playing. When you play the game in this way you get a straightforward experience with a wager level that's comfortable.

Adjust Autoplay and Speed Settings

The autoplay can be turned on and off by pressing a single autoplay button. There are a few different spin options to choose from with this feature and then the game does the rest for you. Once you have autoplay turned on you can relax and wait for the game to finish the spins, or you can stop the feature early by pressing the stop button. There is also a speed adjustment setting. This setting can be toggled to fast or normal mode by pressing the lightning bolt button multiple times. Toggle between the two modes to control how fast the spin animation moves on the screen, and control how many spins you can get through in a set period.

Wins Create a Cascade

Each win you achieve in Seahorse Surge leads to a powerful cascade feature that gives you more opportunities to win. Your winning combinations get erased, and new symbols fall down to fill in the gaps created. This feature can trigger after any spin, and it often leads to multiple wins in a single spin. It's possible for several different cascades to occur during the same round of this slot.

Free Games with Oversized Multiplier Wilds

Whenever you get three or more of the free game symbols you will unleash the free game bonus round. This bonus is the best in the game and it's something that can lead to huge wins. During the free spins you unlock, you'll have a stretched wild that can take up a full reel. This wild begins with a 3x multiplier and the multiplier grows as you go through your spins. You can end the round with a huge multiplier and better chances to win large prizes as a result.

Seahorse Surge is an easy slot with basic features and a simple interface. We love the free spin bonus round as well as the cascade features, but they don't make the game complicated and everyone can enjoy this slot without confusion. If you aren't sure whether you'll like the game or not, take a moment to test-play it and decide for yourself. It won't be long before you know how you feel about the game.