Scuba Fishing Slots

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Types3-reel, bonus, video
ThemesUnderwater, Fish, Sea
We were excited when we first stumbled across Scuba Fishing the online slot game, because of how nice this classic slot game looks. It’s a 3-reel slot game, with beautiful graphics and some pretty decent features as well. We knew the moment that we stumbled across this slot game that we would have to do a full review of it. That’s why we took the time to put together our review of Scuba Fishing the online slot game. Take a look at it and you should be able to decide if it’s the sort of slot game that you want to try out or not.

Simple Wagering

The wagering in this marine slot game couldn’t be any easier. You simply press the plus key to raise your bet and the minus key to lower it. That’s all there is to it. Press one of the two buttons to get your wager to an amount you are comfortable with and then start playing the slot game. As long as you can get to an amount that you are fine with, you should be able to enjoy this slot game fully.

Helpful Autospin

When playing a slot game for hours at a time, it can become tiresome to keep pressing the spin button over and over again. That’s why it’s refreshing to see that Scuba Fishing features an autospin function. You simply press the little button next to the main spin button and the game will start taking you through spin after spin automatically. This helps you avoid pressing the button so many times, and it means that you can keep the slot going when you walk away if you like as well. This feature is a nice perk, but it’s important to use it carefully to make sure that you are comfortable with the game continuing to wager for many different spins. This is especially true if you are playing the slot game without sitting in front of it all the time.

Unique Wilds and Free Spin Bonuses

The shark is the most important symbol in Scuba Fishing and will be what you rely on the entire time that you spin. It’s the wild, will transform many standard spins into wins, and can also take the game and put you into a free spin mode. The wilds often come stacked up, and when you get three of them on the central reel that triggers the special free spin bonus round. When that round starts up, the wilds are locked on the central reel and the other two reels spin like normal. You can get some solid wins from this feature and it’s common to get prize combinations from it.

Solid Jackpot Payouts

Scuba Fishing offers decent jackpot payouts to gamblers that win big while playing. That’s the main reason that you’ll want to place large wagers as you play this slot. Get lucky enough to trigger the top fixed jackpot and you’ll be looking at 7,500 times your line bet, which could be a significant payout for you.

Enjoying Simple Gameplay

Gamblers that are looking for basic slot game experiences will like what Scuba Fishing has to offer. Other than wilds and a free spin round that triggers automatically, this slot is simple to play. There are just three reels and you will just be spinning them and hoping for a win the entire time you play. There aren’t special bonus rounds that will have you picking prizes and the slot is designed for simplicity in every way.

Scuba Fishing is one of our top-rated classic slot games because it’s beautiful, it offers decent wins and it manages to be exciting while remaining simple. It’s a lot of fun, and we recommend you give it a try if you like the theme of the game as much as we do.