Stardust Slots

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Types5-reel, bonus, video
ThemesMagic, Fairy Tale
Transform your standard slot experience into a brilliantly colored explosion of excitement and random chances to win with Stardust, a new slot game from Real Time Gaming. This slot stands out for its appearance almost immediately, but there’s more to it than just the way the game looks. The other elements of this slot make it worthwhile to play over the long term, and that’s what we’re going to cover down below. Read on if you want to learn why Stardust is a slot game that you should try at least once.

There’s An Exciting Random Element

We know, every slot game has a random feature to it. That doesn’t make that element exciting though. One of the biggest issues with many slot games today is that they don’t feel random enough. You kind of know what to expect when you turn those reels. In Stardust that’s not the case as much. There are two very cool random elements that keep things interesting. The first is the random wild multiplier, the second is the special bonus re-spin that you never know is coming.

The Wild Multiplier

Most of the time that you are spinning the reels of this slot you’re going to see green fairy symbols. These are the wilds and they will help you unlock some additional prize payouts as you go through one round after the next. These symbols are valuable, but they become even more valuable if they change colors to blue. The blue fairy symbols are wilds and 4x multipliers. They will help you transform standard wins into exciting wins and could even lead to some huge prize payouts with enough luck on your side. Every time that you see a wild appear on the reels, you’ll want to keep an eye on it to make sure that it doesn’t change colors. If it switches from green to blue, you can look forward to a much more significant prize payout.

The Bonus Spin

At any point while playing Stardust, there is a chance that you’ll unlock a seriously good free spin bonus round. This round triggers right after the standard round, and it gives you up to five randomly placed wilds on the reels. This special bonus will help you unlock a whole lot of additional prize payouts and can lead to seriously good prize combinations in some situations. This bonus round can come after any spin of the reels, and it’s something that you’ll want to be on the lookout for.

Playing through Free Games Features

Getting three or more of the scatter symbols as you play Stardust will lead to the free spin bonus round. This is a special round that gives you a chance to unlock all sorts of different free spin round combinations. With a bit of luck you could get up to 50 free spins from this special bonus. During the free spins you’ll have a raised chance to unlock prize payouts, and you could be looking at some seriously good prizes. You’ll love all the big wins that you get from these rounds and the free spin rounds are probably the feature that you’ll be looking forward to the most as you play Stardust.

Even though Stardust looks similar to other slot games that we’ve tested in the past, it still looks very nice and stands out as a slot that should be tested at least once. If you’re looking for an excellent blend of random features, you’ll love what this slot game has to offer you.