Panda's Gold Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 5-reel
ThemesAnimals, Nature, China
With so many different slot games out today it’s rare that one really stands out for what it has to offer. Panda’s Gold stood out because of its appearance. This slot game is nice to look at and it has a very clean design that we found appealing. While there are pretty bland card symbols used on this slot, the unique symbols are very nice to look at and make this slot game a whole lot more enjoyable to play. With that said, keep reading to find out whether or not we recommend Panda’s Gold as a long-term slot game and if it’s worth testing out.

Big Winning Opportunities

It’s possible to win as much as 50,000 times your wager amount in a single spin while playing Panda’s Gold. That sort of win makes for a massive payout, especially when playing at the upper end of the wager range while playing this slot game. If you’re looking for a high paying slot game, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Instant Play Fun

It’s possible to play this slot game as an instant-play game, and that’s how it’s offered at most casinos. That means that you can sign into the casino and play the game immediately without having to go through a download process. It also means that this game works well on a wide range of devices. No matter what sort of device you want to gamble on, you can do just that while playing Panda’s Gold.

Bonus Features

There are three different bonus features in Panda’s Gold, each of which is triggered by scatter symbols. There’s Prosperity, Wealth and Fortune. Prosperity is rewarded for three scatter symbols, wealth is rewarded for four symbols and fortune is rewarded for five symbols. Each of the games comes with its own unique set of features, giving you different ways to unlock good solid prize payouts.

During Prosperity any wins that include a wild are tripled in value. There are a total of eight free rounds to go through with these special bonuses, helping you unlock some decent wins along the way usually.

During Wealth you will hae an even better chance at winning some high paying prizes. Any wins that you get including a wild are worth 8x the standard amount. That means that those decent jackpot payouts just became exceptionally generous and you can win huge amounts during these free spin rounds. You still get 8 free spins, but the 8x prize payouts make a huge difference.

Finally, there is the Fortune free spin bonus game. During this bonus round any prizes that are paid out are worth 5x when they don’t have a wild symbol. Prizes with a wild are worth 8x the standard amount, just like they are in Wealth. Between the standard multiplier and the wild multiplier, it’s easy to win good prize payouts in this special bonus round. The round still lasts for eight turns, but is usually more generous overall.

The Scatter Re-Spin

Each time you get three or more scatter symbols while paying Panda’s Gold there is a chance for you to improve your bonus prize before you go into the free spins themselves. You’ll get a single re-spin that can help you get additional scatters on the reels. The re-spin won’t pay out again, but can improve your bonus round. If the first re-spin results in an additional scatter, you’ll enjoy an additional re-spin to help you try to get the best prize payout possible.

Panda’s Gold is a beautiful online slot game with a modern look and a clean design that’s impossible to ignore. From the moment that you get started with this slot game you’ll want to play through round after round. We recommend it to anyone that likes the theme and is looking for a slot with a good range of bonus features to choose from. It’s a lot of fun to play, and well worth a test session or two.