Banana Jones Slots

Banana Jones Slots
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Typesbonus, video
ThemesAnimals, Monkeys
Online gambling is a lot of fun, but for most gamblers things become a bit duller over time as they get used to playing the same sort of games over and over again. That’s why it’s so exciting to see online games like Banana Jones. This unique gambling experience isn’t quite a slot game, it’s not quite a table game, but instead is an interesting arcade-style game. It’s almost like playing a board game for cash, and it’s a whole lot of fun. When we found out about the concept for this game, we just had to give it a try. Keep reading to see what the game is like and why you have to try it for yourself if you enjoy online gambling.

A Fun-loving Theme

Banana Jones is a pretty cutesy online game that’s a lot of fun to look at even before you start playing. There’s a cute little colorful monkey, and that’s the character that you’re manipulating each time you place a wager. This little guy is climbing through the jungle toward high paying destinations, and it’s up to you to steer him through all the different obstacles that are standing in his way. You’ll feel more like you are playing a video game than a slot when you play this, and that’s the pleasure of Banana Jones.

A Board Game for Cash

In Banana Jones you are spinning a dice five times for each wager that you make. During those spins, you’ll send the monkey climbing up the board through one obstacle after another. If you get lucky numbers you will climb up toward high value prizes and snag a couple prize symbols along the way. If you are unlucky, you will end up back where you started, or even worse fall down lower on your turn.

Pay Attention to Symbols

The symbols on the board are very important for you to pay attention to as you roll the dice. The snake symbol is the worst thing on the board, and will slide you downward away from high paying prizes. You don’t want to land on the head of the snake or you will slide down. The vine is the best symbol and will help you climb upward. Land at the start of the vine and you’ll quickly ascend to the higher levels where you can win even more cash. There are also other special symbols like pink diamonds that you can land on. If you land on these symbols you will collect them and you can turn them in for real cash prizes. You’ll want to snag up as many of these as you can for each set of spins, because they are the symbols that will help you win good on this game.

The Bonus Wheel Game

While helping Banana Jones to climb upwards on this slot game, you might get lucky and land on the Bonus Wheel symbol. If you do manage to do this, you’ll trigger a single spin on the bonus wheel. This spin could grant you all sorts of different instant cash payouts. It’s up to you to spin and unlock some decent payouts. Give it a try and you could end up with a very exciting prize in the end. Banana Jones comes highly recommended because it’s a different sort of game and you can win some decent prizes on it as well. Give it a try and you’ll wish you would have tried it sooner. It could become your new favorite way to gamble online.