Miami Jackpots Slots

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Types5-reel, bonus, video
ThemesBeach, Beach Life, Sexy Girls
There's nothing quite like the heat and fun of summer to bring people to life and to help them have a good time. Miami is well-known for its beautiful weather and people, and that's exactly what Miami Jackpot, the online slot from RealTime Gaming, focuses on. This fun slot is packed with neon lights, bright sunlight, and bare skin. It's beautiful to look at, and it has some fun features hidden beneath that lovely exterior. Find out all about it in our review below, or jump straight to testing the slot yourself.

A RealTime Gaming Slot

This online slot game was created by RealTime Gaming. This well-known company creates high-quality games and offers access to entertaining features as well. If you're concerned about getting to know some pretty cool features, you can do that while testing the different games here. Take an instant to become familiar with the games, and you'll quickly start to see the benefit of playing at an RTG casino.

Not a Progressive Jackpot Game

Some slots offer progressive jackpots that grow in size as you play. This slot isn't one of them. Instead, it's a standard video slot with many paylines and a good selection of special features. The game is entertaining to play, but it isn't perfect. There are multiple bonus features available for you to use here, and that helps to make things interesting and exciting.

A Miami Summer Theme

Everywhere you look in this slot, there is neon, there is the beautiful beach backdrop, there are stunning women, and there are signs of a party. The whole game is focused on partying at the Miami beach, and that's what you'll enjoy about playing the game. From the moment you start playing, you will be captivated by the stunning symbols and fun theme.

20 Locked Paylines

This slot uses a pretty standard 20 paylines. The lines are locked in the on position, and you'll have to wager across all of them in order to spin the reels. That's a major commitment, and it means that you'll spend more money playing this game than you would other slot games. The wagering limits still go pretty low, but you'll have to adjust your coin values with care in order to play at a level that you're comfortable with.

Limited Wagering Opportunities

You get a good mix of different coin values to work with when playing this slot, but you only have coin value adjustments to adjust what you're wagering overall. That doesn't give you many options to work with, and it means you will have to carefully decide on the value that works best for you overall.

Adjust the Play Experience

There are a few different adjustment options available for you to make use of while playing this slot. You can change up the speed the reels turn and turn on autoplay settings to get the reels to spin for you when you don't feel like pressing the spin button repeatedly yourself. With these two adjustment options, you can change up the feel of the game significantly and improve the way the slot responds to you overall.

A Low Paying Pay Table

The paytable of this game shows that most wins you achieve won't make you rich. There are lots of winning opportunities, and some are decent, but this game doesn't pay out top fixed prizes like some others. Instead of hoping to get rich on a single spin, you'll have to rely on the free spin multipliers and combinations of wins or one of the instant jackpot payouts offered at the side of the reels. Between these different features, you have some decent options available and could build up substantial winnings as a result.

Unlock a Jackpot Win Immediately

The special jackpot feature unlocks whenever you get three or more of the sun symbols. The jackpot values are listed on the left side of the screen, and the number of sun symbols used to unlock the jackpot determines which of the prizes players will win. The highest jackpot is triggered by getting nine of the sun symbols. This instant-win jackpot can be triggered at any time, and you'll never expect it, but you can certainly enjoy it.

Select Your Option Free Spins

The moment you get three or more of the Miami symbols, you trigger the free spin bonus round. While in this round, you're tasked with selecting the girl you. Each of the different girls comes with a different set of perks and conditions. You can choose whether you want a high number of free spins or a higher prize multiplier. It's easy to unlock up to 20 free games with just a 2x multiplier, or you can go as low as ten free games with a 5x multiplier on your prize wins. Try the different options out and decide which combination you enjoy best overall.

Enjoy Play for Free

One of the appealing features of a slot is its ability to pay out real money if you get a big win, but there are other factors at play that make this game entertaining. You can enjoy quality entertainment from this slot game without spending any money if you don't mind not getting any real money wins while you play. That's because this game is offered in a free play mode as well. While playing in free play mode, you can enjoy all the features of the game; you just can't win real money. You'll have a play money balance to use, and you can play for as long as you like too.

Play for Real Money Prizes

It's possible to uncover real money prizes while playing this slot game as long as you're wagering real money as you play. If you choose that you want to play the slot in this way, you can load the game on your casino account and start playing immediately as long as you have money available. Be careful to wager an amount of money that you're comfortable with and play through one round after another until you get a nice win.

Big Wins Occur with This Slot

It's possible to win a substantial amount of money while playing this slot game; you just need to get lucky enough to unlock a larger payout. Whether you get a single instant jackpot win or you win a multiplier prize during the free spin bonus round, big wins can and do occur while playing this slot, and you can walk away with some substantial prize payouts with the right amount of luck.

We Don't Know if The Slot is a Good Value

The developer hasn't released RTP value information for this slot game, so we don't yet know if it's a good value or not. That means we can't tell gamblers if they should try the slot based on its generosity alone. Instead, we can only recommend the game based on its features, its prizes, and its value as entertainment.

Play on Multiple Mobile Devices

This slot works on most mobile devices, and it runs smoothly on smaller screens, just as it does on large devices. Whether you want to play on a phone, a tablet, or something else, you can enjoy all the features of the game from anywhere you have an internet connection. The game runs well, and it doesn't require any software downloads to run. Instead, you can load the slot in a web browser and use it like normal there. This makes it simple to toggle between devices and to begin playing immediately.

Our Game Rating

After testing this slot thoroughly, we rated it a 3.8 out of 5.0. It's entertaining and beautiful to look at, and the prizes are decent; we just wish the RTP value was known and that the slot offered some larger instant payouts. Other than those minor issues, there is a lot to love about this game overall.

Miami Jackpots is a slot game that's worth trying at least once just for its looks, if nothing else. We enjoy the instant jackpot payout as well as the you-pick style free spin bonus round offered here. The game is highly entertaining, and it doesn't seem to be a bad value either overall.