Legend of Helios Slots

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ThemesGreek Mythology
The Legend of Helios is an impressive online slot game themed after Greek Mythology. The game is named after the Greek sun god, and it packs in some entertaining tricks and features that you’re bound to fall in love with. We liked the look of this slot and decided to get more familiar with the game and create a full review. Find out exactly what we learned during our time playing this game in our honest review below.

Designed and Created by Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming or RTG is a well-known slot software company. This business is well-known for making some of the best slots available today. This slot offers a good blend of features that gamblers are looking for, and it’s the type of game that you’ll want to spend time getting familiar with. The fact that this game was crafted by RTG also means that any casino that offers it has a huge selection of high-quality games to choose from. This is another reason to seriously consider playing this game and others like it.

A Basic Video Slot

There isn’t a progressive jackpot payout with this slot game like many of the available today. That doesn’t mean that the slot doesn’t offer serious prize wins; it just won’t make most players rich in a single turn. There are nice jackpots and bonus features in this game, and it feels entertaining and dynamic as you play. The slot isn’t perfect, though, and some gamblers won’t be impressed by the features offered here compared to other games.

A Greek Themed Slot

The Legend of Helios slot game is a Greek-themed slot with classic Greek symbols and brilliant gold trim. We think this slot looks luxurious and can’t help but enjoy the style and appearance of the game overall. The slot features just the right level of animation to make it look interesting and modern, but it has more of a classic style overall.

25 Fixed Paylines

There are a total of 25 paylines for this slot, and they’re locked in the on position. That means you must wager 25 coins with each spin you complete while playing the game. That’s many coins to wager, but it’s affordable for most players with the minimum wager in place. With 25 active paylines, you have many ways to win, and that’s exciting if you want to try for some seriously good prize payouts.

Easy Wagering with a Decent Range

Low-stakes gamblers and high-stakes players alike can have fun with this slot, but only if you’re willing to wager a minimum of $2.50 per spin. The lowest wager value you can play at is $2.50 per spin with a $0.10 coin value in place. It’s possible to wager far more than this while playing the slot, and you can play for some seriously large prizes if you’re willing to bet enough. Since the paylines are fixed, you only have to press the plus and minus buttons to adjust your total wager value, making it quick and easy to get a wager set.

Configure the Speed and Autoplay Settings

This game has multiple speed settings you can adjust by pressing the lightning bolt symbol. Press the symbol to speed up or slow down the slot and control the flow of the game. You can also utilize the auto play button to keep the reels of this slot turning over time without having to press the spin button again and again. If you want to play the slot over an extended period of time without having to press spin, this feature is a good one to utilize.

Watch for Mystery Stacks

There are stacks of mystery symbols that randomly fall onto the reels while players spin. These symbols stack up and transform into random symbols before prize payouts are calculated. The mystery symbols can also trigger a re-spin feature for more winning opportunities. When matching stacks of mystery symbols occur on reels 1 and 2, they get locked into position with the other reels re-spinning until a win occurs. This feature leads to some of the biggest prize payouts available with this slot.

Unlock One of Four Free Spin Rounds

Getting three or more scatter symbols takes you to the bonus wheel for this slot. This wheel gives you the chance to choose between one of four different free spin bonus rounds. In these rounds, you’ll get between 8 and 14 free spins with additional paylines, powerful multipliers, bursting wilds, and larger stacks of symbols. Each of the different bonus games has one of these powerful features, giving you more ways than you can win while you play.

Test the Game for Free

It’s possible to try this game for free for as long as you like. If you’re trying to play the slot for fun and don’t care about achieving real money wins, you should consider playing it in Demo mode. The game works the same in this mode, but it’s free to play, and you can wager any amount you want while enjoying all the features of the game.

Easily Change to Real Money Play

If you want to play for cash prizes, you are free to do so in minutes by swapping to real money mode. When you change to this version of the game, you’ll get access to real money wagering and a whole variety of powerful features as a result. Try the game in real money mode, and you can risk your casino balance in an effort to win real cash prizes. There are some large prize payouts available here, so it’s worth wagering your own money if you want to win big.

Win Up to 2,250x your Wager

It’s possible for you to win as much as 2,250x your entire wager amount in a single spin while playing this game. Such a large prize payout would make any gambler’s day, and it’s something you can look forward to while playing this slot. There are many smaller prize payouts available, but the big winners will achieve one big win or several wins in a row while playing this game.

An Unknown Value

Gamblers aren’t sure what the return value is while playing this slot just yet. That’s because the game doesn’t list exact payout percentages yet. We were impressed with the prize payouts we experienced while playing this game, but without exact payout percentages to reference, we can’t say if this game is a good value or not over time.

Designed for Mobile Play

Mobile wagering is one of the leading ways to experience slots today, and this game is designed to work on most mobile devices. If you want to take the game with you, you are free to do so by loading it on a smartphone or tablet. Open the slot game on your device of choice, and it will load and operate without any issues. You’ll love how easy it is to start playing the game and how smooth it runs on small devices.

An Honest Rating

Even though this game isn’t perfect, it has a lot going for it, and we couldn’t help but rate it well. We were impressed by the features of this slot and decided to give it a 3.9 out of 5.0 stars. We rated the slow well because of its prizes, the bonus features, and all the beautiful symbols that are offered by the game. Between all these different features, there is a lot to like about the slot. The game is costly for low-stakes gamblers, though, and we wish the symbols had a more unique look. Even so, there are features that most players will enjoy about this game.

Legend Helios isn’t the perfect slot, and there are real issues with the game, but it’s still worth playing for most gamblers today. If you’re searching for a simple game with a powerful set of features, you can have some fun with the slot. If you’re looking for the highest value slot or a game that pays massive prizes, you may struggle with this slot.