Sparky 7 Slots

Sparky 7 is an exciting slot that blends classic mechanics with more advanced features to make something more complex. If you’re looking for a simple game with robust prize payouts, then you could get real value from this slot. This game isn’t perfect, but we saw enough features and perks to create a full review for it. Read below to see if it’s a good option for you to consider.

Made by Real Time Gaming

This slot was made by Real Time Gaming, a popular slot development company responsible for many different games. If you’re interested in trying many top-quality games out, you should think about joining a casino that offers this slot. You’ll have a variety of games to choose from, and that’s just one of the perks of playing at an RTG casino.

Demo This Slot First

Like many modern slot games, this one comes with a demo mode that you can use to test things out. Try out all the different features of this game before risking real money so you can get familiar with this game. You’ll love how simple it is to demo the game, and you can play in this mode for as long as you like too.

A Classic slot Game

This classic themed slot game has very basic symbols and looks like most other classic slots that you’ve likely seen in the past. The main difference between this slot and all the rest is that you have a bonus reel that spins as well. This slot is simple to play, and you can have a lot of fun while enjoying simple gameplay mechanics common with classic slot games.

A Five Paylines Slot

This classic slot game stands out by having a total of five paylines and a special bonus reel. This increases the chances of winning prizes to a much higher level than most classic games offer their players. The wagering options are still pretty limited while playing this game, but there are enough different opportunities to keep most gamblers satisfied with their choices.

Different Wagering Options

When playing this game, you can wager a minimum of $1.00 per spin and a maximum of $25.00 per spin. This range is good for most gamblers, though some won’t pay the minimum amount to play. There are only a few different wagering options to choose from, which means that you will have to select what wager amount you use with care.

Leverage Speed and Autoplay Features Both

This game comes loaded with unique speed settings that let you choose between fast and normal reel spins. Press the lightning bolt symbol and control how quickly the reels turn around while you play this game. There’s also an autoplay feature that’s unlocked by pressing the autoplay button. Press this button, and you choose how many spins you want the game to go through. The slot will automatically start turning and keep going until you stop it, you run out of money, or your spin selection amount has been reached.

Respectable Payouts

With prize wins as high as 50,000 coins, it’s possible to get some decent payouts while playing this game. The best wins you can get while playing the base game is worth a few thousand coins, and you can uncover some impressive wins with enough luck on your side.

Special features not bonuses, wilds, scatters

Transfer Symbols for More Wins

Anytime you get multiple 7’s as well as a blank symbol on the reels, you’ll unlock the transfer symbol feature. This is another chance for you to win the jackpot feature, leading to big wins frequently. In this feature, the fourth reel, also known as the bonus reel, spins, and whatever the symbol is that it lands on gets transferred to that blank reel as well. Get lucky and get a seven, and you’ll win huge!

Free Spin Games

Get three scatters, and you’ll unlock the free spins bonus. During this bonus, you get seven free spins with a prize multiplier on each of your wins. This bonus round can lead to some of the biggest wins that the game has to offer, and it’s the tool you’ll use to maximize your wins overall.

Change from Free to Real Money Play Fast

Just like most other modern slot games offered today, this game is designed so that you can swap from real money to play to free play whenever you like. Easily start the game in free play or real play modes and then change from one by restarting. You can switch modes fast, and you won’t have to make much effort to make this change either.

Huge Wins are Possible!

This is a classic slot but it’s still possible to win massive prize payouts for the lucky players that hit it big. You could unlock up to 50,000x your total wager amount, which is a massive victory for most players regardless of your wager level! If you play this game for long enough, you have a good chance of getting at least one big win.

We Don’t Know the Value

There isn’t a clear payback percentage available for this slot game, so it’s impossible to say whether the value of the game is good or not. If you’re searching for a high-value game to play, this may be a good option, but we can’t recommend it for that purpose.

Play Easily on Mobile

Like most games from Real Time Gaming, this slot works on mobile devices flawlessly. It’s designed to run on small screens, and it’s simple to navigate and play on. If you’re interested in taking your slot games with you, you can have fun with this game wherever you go.

Sparky 7 Slots is an excellent blended slot game that puts together elements from classic slots with more modern video slots to make something easy to learn and entertaining at the same time. We decided to rate it a 4.3 out of 5.0 for being unique, entertaining, and valuable and would recommend this game to anyone that likes classic slots but wants something more interesting to play around with.