How Many Reels Will You Find In Online Pokies?

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The answer is it depends on the game you are looking at. We’ve highlighted the two most popular versions here, with some surprises thrown in for good measure too. Discover more about the famous reel sets right here.

Three reels

Three-reel pokies are the classics. Based on the original pokies in casinos and other locations, these often stick to the fruity themes also seen in old machines. You will often find just one line to bet on, but some have three or perhaps five lines to make things more interesting. With rare bonuses, no scatters, and the chance to find a multiplier wild if you’re lucky, these pokies are great for low-budget players who like something simple.

Five reels

This is where the ‘reel’ fun begins! Five-reel games provide ample room to include scatter symbols. You will also often find bonuses and free spins to win. Some games include multiple bonuses whereas others may only include one. To find a good five-reel pokie to play, consider what you love most about your favorite pokies. You can then look for other similar games that provide a good mix of features for you to enjoy. Of course, you should also consider trying a few different ones, as there could be some you like more than you think.

Six or seven reels

Yes, you can even play pokies with more than five reels. These are nowhere near as common as the above options, but you can find some to try if you look hard enough. That extra reel can come in handy when you’re playing. It’s not uncommon to find slots with bonus features connected to those reels. One good example of this is the Big Bopper slot, with six reels and five scatters. These all represent letters, with the task in front of you to spell BOPPER over those six reels. Do that and you will trigger a bonus. Seven-reel slots are rarer still. Lucky 7s and Farming Futures are two of the highlights, both from WGS. Other than that, it is uncommon to find many of them around.

There is no right or wrong number of reels to include in a pokie game. We’ve even seen a few with four reels. It just shows you how you should never take anything for granted. See how many games you can play with the above reel combinations when you next visit an online casino.