Dragon Feast Slots

Dragon Feast is one of the most adorable slots we've ever tested that's also associated with fearsome dragons. Each of the colorful dragons looks like something from a children's cartoon, and we quickly realized there's something special about this slot. Discover what we learned about the game in our rapid-fire review, and find out if you'll be one of the gamblers who decides to play this slot regularly.

Always 25 Paylines

There are 25 paylines active at all times when you play this game. That gives you just enough ways to win to keep things interesting but makes wagering simplistic compared to games with adjustable paylines.

A Generous Wager Range

We think most players will be satisfied with the range of acceptable wager values available in Dragon Feast the online slot. The game lets you begin with just a $0.50 spin value, but you can increase things up to $125.00 per spin. There are limited bet adjustments available when moving through this range, but you still get enough options to make it worthwhile.

Win up to 1000x Your Wager

The maximum win you can achieve while playing this game is 1,000x your total wager value. That means high-stakes players can win up to $125,000 in a single spin! That's a decent maximum payout, though you must wager big to win big with this game.

Lots of Mystery Symbols

While playing you'll notice many mystery symbols appearing on the reels. These symbols change into different symbols randomly, sometimes leading to impressive prize wins. These special symbols will keep you in suspense as you complete each spin. Mystery symbols also have another important role in this slot game. Anytime you get a mystery symbol, there's a chance it has a candy symbol over it. When that happens the candy symbol can trigger one of three different free game features, or add perks to its corresponding free game feature that are collected on when the feature finally gets triggered.

Three Different Free Games

The heart and soul of Dragon Feast is its free games features. There are red, green, and blue candy symbols that appear over some mystery symbols when they transform. These candies either power up the feature they're associated with, or they unlock the free games feature. With help from these candies, you'll enjoy free spins with lots of wilds, powerful multipliers, or a chance at one of the several jackpot payouts. You can also unlock two different free game bonuses at once and enjoy both sets of perks at the same time for the most intense free games experience overall. Dragon Feast is a cute slot that's nice to look at, but you'll really be playing for these free games features as you spin.

Take it on Mobile

This game has a simple layout with easy buttons. That makes it work well on mobile devices. You can play the game without an app and load it in the browser of most mobile phones and tablets. Take this game with you everywhere and enjoy all the features delivered by Dragon Feast.

Dragon Feast is the type of slot game you can get addicted to very quickly. After you spend a little time with the game you'll discover the value of all its features and how simple it is to unlock each of them. We urge interested players to try the game at least and see how it all works. Learn what we mean and get the full slot experience.