Megaquarium Slots

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Types5-reel, bonus, progressive
ThemesUnderwater, Fish, Sea
Welcome to an underwater world under the sea where all is calm and quiet and brilliant colours are shimmering all around you. This is a magical world only to be found under the sea where you yourself can dive in with the fishes surrounded by the most fabulous aquarium ever with the most vibrant colours that you have ever seen. Experience an underwater world like no other. Emerge yourself underwater and dive into fun and wonder. You will be astounded by the amazing magical colours of Megaquarium Slots.

The main character of Megaquarium Slots is a clown fish and automatically we assimilate this clown fish with ‘Nemo’ from “Finding Nemo”. Both young and old will love this game which has this endearing clown fish. Have fun chasing ‘Nemo the clown fish’ up and over obstacles, mingling with his fishy friends and getting tangled in the seaweed. All of this will lead you to the hidden treasure in Davy Jones’s Locker. In Megaquarium Slots we are endearing ourselves to our fishy friends so that we can discover the treasure and become rich just like the pirates of old. In this game we are not looking for ‘Nemo’ but we are looking for cash.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to take the plunge and to enter this new exciting vibrant world under the water? Enjoy your favourite game below the surface. Dive right down into the 5-reel slot on the bed of the aquarium. Join in the underwater fun with 50 pay lines over 5 reels. Yes you actually have 50 possibilities of winning when you play 5 reels! It is exciting playing Megaquarium Slots and it becomes even more exciting knowing that you can randomly win a progressive jackpot any time during play. Progressive jackpots pop up at any time and these can seriously add to your winnings! The more you play the more you increase your chances of winning the progressive jackpot which can be triggered at any random time of play. So what are you waiting for?

In Megaqquarium Slots you can also extend this feature because if you find the Bonus Games symbol on reel 1, reel 2 and reel 3 on your 7th free game and if you are lucky enough for this to appear, then you will be awarded 3 extra free games. This game is lots of fun and has a long playing time. Emerge yourself in this wonderful underwater world. Your playing time is lengthened because you can win free games and then also win some more free games from the free games and also double your winnings and also take part in the Progressive Jackpot winnings at no extra cost just by playing your games because these will trigger the Random Progressive Jackpot at any time.

As the name of the game – Megaquarium Slots – suggests, the game is really and truly Mega. Mega fun and mega winnings while having the time of your life. Have fun trying to hit the Megaquarium Free Games Feature. When you reveal the Free Games icons on reel 1 and reel 5, this will trigger 7 free games. Even more than that… the prizes in the 7 free games will be doubled. Lots and lots of chances to win big while having a good time under the water. This is definitely a game to be reckoned with and with its great graphics you will be entranced with our underwater world. Once playing you will be awed at how easy it is to win and also by the amount of your winnings especially as you discover the Free Games icons, 7 Free Games and Double your winnings.

The free games on Megaquarium Slots are never ending. Also at the final spin of each feature you can extend your free games and even win another 16 free games! Imagine winning 16 free games!! You can play on and on and as there are many ways of winning and also winning big, this is definitely a game which should attract young and old and should get you playing just to get a glimpse of this wonderful magical world under the sea. So emerge yourself in this underwater world, experience a world like no other under the sea, hunt for the underwater treasure, increase your possibilities of winning and discovering free games and take part in the Random Progressive Jackpot and have a great time playing Megaquarium Slots today!

So what are you waiting for? Why not start playing Megaquarium Slots today and immerse yourself in this vibrant underwater world, experience a world like no other, hunt for the underwater treasure, increase your possibilities of winning and discovering free games and take part in the Random Progressive Jackpot and all in all, have a great time playing Megaquarium Slots!