Mermaid's Pearls Slots

Mermaid’s Pearls is one of the newest slot offerings from Realtime Gaming. This slot is designed for simplicity, but works in some advanced Pearl features that help to keep things interesting. Gamblers that like the theme of the game will find it charming and easy to play around with. Many players will grow bored of the slot though, so it’s important to test it out for yourself. Get familiar with the slot yourself, or take a look at our review below to see if this slot is the one for you.

Demoing the Game

This slot can be tested out for free without ever putting real money at risk. To do this visit a Realtime Gaming casino site and click on the slot to load it up. It will load right in the web browser and start running within seconds. An interested player can find out if they like the slot in this way and decide to go for a different slot, or to keep playing around with Mermaid’s Pearls after the testing period.

Get to Know the Developer

Realtime Gaming is the development company behind Mermaid’s Pearls. This team is well-known for offering some of the best slot games available to play online today. Gamblers that would like to try out top-quality slot games will appreciate what Realtime Gaming has to offer.

A Mermaid Theme

This slot game has a cute mermaid theme. The whole game is held underwater in a deep dark ocean and there is a single mermaid that shows up on many of the reels with each spin. There are pearls, seashells, sea creatures and more that appear on the reels as well, giving this game a fun underwater theme. The design of the slot itself is pretty simple, but it still manages to look very nice.

Easy Game Design and Function

There are very few features to work with when playing this slot other than the special pearls feature. That means that new gamblers just starting out with this slot game can pick it up and start playing almost immediately. This is good news for gamblers that want to get started with a new slot game without having to learn lots of new rules. Take just a few minutes to get acquainted with this slot game and start playing it for maximum fun.

A Modern Video Slot Experience

Like many of the Realtime Gaming slot library, Mermaid’s Pearls is a video slot with modern features. It has simple wagering, offers a total of five reels and clustered prize payouts. It’s possible to win significant prize payouts with a bit of luck. The game is built to fit onto full-sized computer screens or mobile screens, and it works smoothly while offering all the modern features that you would expect from a slot game today.

Forget About Paylines

While most standard slot games come with a series of paylines that prizes accumulate on, that’s not how this game works. Instead it pays out in clusters and there are many more ways to win with a single spin than what you get from more standard slot games. Even though there are a large number of ways to win with each spin, it’s affordable to spin the reels and most gamblers will be able to wager on this slot game.

Simple Wagering Options

Wagering is as simple as pressing the up and down arrows to adjust the total wager amount to a comfortable level. Low stakes players can bet a small amount, and serious gamblers can raise their wagers to much larger amounts and try for big wins. Without paylines to think about placing wagers is a very simple process.

A Basic Paytable

Some slots have massive pay tables with lots of complicated pay combinations. That’s not the case with Mermaid’s Pearls. This slot has just a few different symbols that make up most of the payouts. It’s possible to win as much as 12,500 coins in a single spin for some nice prize payouts, and there are many different ways to unlock some decent payouts. With a bit of luck players can trigger multiple prize payouts in a single round of the slot.

Ship Wreck Treasure Bonus Round

Each time a pearl symbol appears on the reels the pearl number is increased by one. Getting 300 Pearls will unlock the special Ship Wreck bonus round. During this bonus you pick available options and unlock random prize payouts. The prizes are decent sized, but the excitement is more in the choosing than it is in the actual prizes that are given out in the end.

Unlocking Free Spins

Just like with the special bonus round, the free spin bonus comes from the Pearl meter as well. Getting 600 pearls during a game session will trigger the bonus free spins. You’ll enjoy 10 free spins where only pearls and blank symbols show on the reels. Pearl payouts, some of the best that you can unlock, are multiplied between 1x and 5x randomly with each spin that you go through while playing the free spin bonus round. This special round results in many different prize payouts and can lead to some very impressive wins as well.

Leveraging the Game’s RTP

With a RTP or return to player of close to 97% it’s easy to get some good wins while playing Mermaid’s Pearls. There are many other slots that pay out less over time to the player, which is why it makes sense to play Mermaid’s Pearls. The slot is a worthwhile game because it results in frequent wins and many players are able to turn a profit over a short-term wagering session.

Our Real Rating

After looking at all the special features of this slot and the prize payouts offered we give the game a 4.0 out of 5.0. It’s fun to play, but it is lacking a bit in maximum prize payouts and in features offered by the bonuses as well.

Exciting Slot Wins

Though the biggest wins that can be achieved by this slot are worth tens of thousands of coins, unlocking these dramatic prize payouts is rare to do. Most players get many of the smaller wins while only a few will trigger one of the large wins. If you manage to get a good sized win from the slot you could turn a profit from the game as you play it.

Fun Play is Possible

While it’s usually more exciting to play a slot for real money, that doesn’t mean that you have to risk money in order to test out Mermaid’s Pearls. This slot game can be tested out for free in the free play mode. Simply visit the casino, select the slot game and load it up in your web browser or on your mobile device. Once loaded the slot game will run instantly, giving you a good chance to try out all the features for yourself.

Real Money Play is Preferred

Free play is possible, but real money play is more exciting. That’s why many gamblers decide to play the slot game using real cash after joining up with a Realtime Gaming compatible casino. There are many different casinos that offer access to Realtime Gaming software. Taking a moment to find one of these sites will make it possible for you to wager using real money and to try to get some real money wins as well.

Mobile Wagering is Simple

Mermaid’s Pearls is available in an instant-play web browser version and it loads on computer screens or mobile devices as well. If you’re looking for a slot that you can play on the go, you’ll love how well this slot game works for you no matter where you are wagering from.

Mermaid’s Pearls is an innovative video slot game with a pleasant theme. It’s pretty simple in design and something that most gamblers will pick up quickly. It’s a good starting point for gamblers looking for a reliable slot game to play with, and it’s a game that most gamblers will have playing with. This slot isn’t right for players that want to get rich off a single win though, because it pays out more modest amounts.