Princess Warrior Slots

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Typesvideo, bonus, 5-reel
ThemesWarriors, Fantasy
Ancient Warriors were almost always men, but not in this slot! This game focuses on the story of a woman that’s also a Roman soldier, and it’s called Princess Warrior. As you look at the game, you’ll see the image of a beautiful and intense warrior princess. The game is pleasing to look at, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth playing. Read through our review below to learn all about the game and to determine if it’s worth your time or not.

A Realtime Gaming Creation

Realtime Gaming is a well-known software company in the gambling industry and is responsible for some of the biggest slot titles available today. The company is responsible for this game as well, which means that if you decide to play this slot, you’ll get access to loads of different games to choose from. If you want to access the selection of games from this company, it may be worth joining a Realtime Gaming casino.

Try for Two Different Progressive Jackpots

This game has two random progressive jackpots that you can play for. The Minor Jackpot and the Major Jackpot. Both prizes increase in value as you play the game, and either one can be won at any time. Any roll you make could lead you to a win, which is one of the most exciting aspects of this game. Whenever you play, you’ll know that there’s a chance you could win either of the prizes.

A Roman War Slot

This game has Roman symbols and swords, treasure, and symbols for the beautiful warrior princess. The slot is themed after an ancient warrior princess that fights intensely. The slot looks nice and showcases a bunch of unique graphics that help it stand out, and the style of this game is one of the reasons that we recommend it to other gamblers regularly.

40 Locked Paylines

There are a stunning 40 paylines active at all times while playing this game. That means that you must wager on 40 lines each time you spin the reels and that you have 40 opportunities to win prizes as well. The game is more expensive than some others because so many lines are active, but things are more interesting because of this as well.

Lackluster Wagering Options

We prefer slot games that give gamblers a wide range of wagering options to choose from. This game doesn’t have a good range of betting options, in our opinion. The minimum wager is $0.40 per spin, and the maximum is $20.00 per spin. This isn’t terrible, but it’s smaller than most other slots that we’ve tested in the past. Not only that but the number of wager options between the minimum and the maximum amounts don’t give you many selections to work with. You’ll feel limited when playing this slot, especially if you want to choose a wager amount in between the low and the high.

Easy Autoplay and Speed Settings

Each time that you play this slot, you can utilize the autoplay and speed adjustments to control how the game feels to play. The autoplay button lets you quickly choose to go through between 5 and 100 spins or to set the game to spin forever. The slot has two-speed options to select from, making it easy to get the reels spinning at a rate that you enjoy most.

A Paytable Full of Small Prizes

The prizes offered or instant wins in this game aren’t very compelling at all. The best wins you’ll get are just 600 coins or less. That’s not much compared to slots that payout as many as 20,000 credits for a single win. This slot pays regularly, though, which means you can win a decent amount while playing; you need a combination of wins to achieve this, though.

Powerful Special Features

The wild symbols and scatters in this slot will create many prize-winning opportunities that you unlock as you play.

Trigger the Princess Bonus

Stacking a full reel of wilds will trigger the Princess bonus. This special bonus gives out a random instant prize multiplier or a powerful instant prize. This bonus offers perks randomly, and it can be very lucrative.

Pick from Four Free Spin Options

Whenever you get three or more scatters, you’ll get an option to choose between four different free spin bonus rounds. These bonuses have multipliers, stacks of wilds, or a mixture of both.

Try the Game First

There’s no need to spend cash on this game just to decide if you like it or not. You can fully test this slot for free in Demo mode. The game runs in a demo variation that works with play money. Load the slot in this version to try all the game’s features and get more familiar with all that it offers you.

Swap to Real Money Wagering Easily

It’s almost effortless to go from playing in Demo mode to spending real money on this slot, especially if you already have a compatible casino account with money available. When you have money available, you just load the game in the standard mode to play for real cash. If you don’t have a casino account or real money available, you will have to register for an account and complete a deposit to start enjoying this slot.

Big Wins Come from Combination Wins

The best wins aren’t single wins with this game but combinations of multiple prizes instead. That’s because the game doesn’t pay out huge amounts of money. This isn’t an issue for the most committed players because combinations of prizes are common while playing this game. You’ll come to expect frequent prizes and lots of combination wins over time.

We Don’t Know the Specific Value

We always look at the exact value of a slot game when reviewing it to decide if it’s a good value or not. We can’t do that with this game because we don’t have the specific figures. Instead, we have to guess whether the game is a good value or not. Without exact payout percentage information for this game, we can only speculate that the game is a good value. While the game feels like a good value, we don’t know for sure. Players that need the best value games should stick with slots they know pay well rather than risking it with this game.

Designed with Mobile Players in Mind

Mobile gambling is one of the best ways to experience slots today because it allows you to easily bring your favorite games with you. This is possible with Princess Warrior, and the game runs well on Android and iOS devices. The slot works in mobile browsers and doesn’t require any software downloads to play at all.

An Honest Rating

We decided to rate this game with a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars after getting more familiar with its features, prizes, and more. The game is beautiful, it’s entertaining to play, and it can be lucrative with the right combination of prize wins. The slot doesn’t pay huge prizes, but it’s still entertaining and worth a try. Test it yourself to see if you like it or not.

We know that not everyone will enjoy this game, but many will. Test it for yourself and see if the game fits your playstyle.