Football Fortunes Slots

Football Fortunes is a fun game that celebrates the sport of football (soccer for gamblers in the United States). The game gives players the ability to play with two different bonus modes activated. It offers exciting bonus opportunities, beautifully designed symbols, and enough features to make most gamblers interested in trying it out at least once. If you're searching for a slot game with a Football theme and nice features, this one isn't half bad.

An Overwhelming Interface

Most slot games are easy to play at first glance, but this one can be a bit overwhelming to new gamblers. That's because there are dials, buttons, and adjustments to look at on many areas of the screen. New players should focus on the bet adjuster and the Gameplay option buttons and forget about the rest of the buttons initially. Using these two adjusters is all it takes to play the game effectively.

50 Adjustable Paylines

This slot game comes with a total of 50 paylines that you can adjust up or down. It's up to you whether you have just a single payline activated, or you wager across all 50 of your paylines. The number of lines you choose to have active will determine what sort of gameplay experience you have.

A Respectable Wagering Range

When you play this slot, you can wager as little as $0.01 per line per spin and as much as $2.50 per line per spin. This gives you an effective range of $0.50 and $125.00 per spin of the reels. Set the amount at a level you're comfortable with and enjoy playing this slot game at the perfect level for you.

Choose Rhino or Fortune Mode

This slot game can be played in two different game modes and each mode offers different characteristics. If you play in Fortune Mode you have a chance to randomly trigger a free spin bonus round after completing any spin. This bonus gives you eight free spins. If you play Rhino mode you must get between 3 and 5 scatters to trigger a bonus free spin round that can be for as many as 100 free spins. Rhino mode also gives you the chance to triple your prize wins when they include the Rhino Mascot wild in them.

Huge Jackpot Wins are Possible

Some gamblers play for consistent prize payouts more than anything else, but many are more interested in the chance to hit it big. With this slot game, you could win as much as $375,000 in a single spin of the reels. That's a whole lot of cash and one reason worth considering this slot. If you want to win big, you'll love the opportunities that this game gives you.

Play the Penalty Kick Bonus Round

Regardless of which of the two gameplay modes that you decide to use, you can trigger a penalty kick bonus round that will give you up to 100x your wager amount as a prize payout. This bonus is triggered by getting five of the ball symbols across the reels. Get this bonus feature and you'll be going through a special penalty round while trying to score big and unlock some solid wins. This feature is dynamic and fun and makes you feel more like you're playing an arcade game instead of a slot.

Try it Free

It's possible to test all the features of this slot game without spending any money in the process. You can run this slot in Demo mode and play it for free. This is an excellent way to try the game, and allows you to get a feel for all the features without spending money in the process.

Play Anywhere

This slot game fully supports mobile gameplay, which means that you can take it with you anywhere. If you're searching for a slot that you can play on the go, you'll love how smoothly this game operates on most mobile devices. Try it for yourself and see exactly what we mean. You can even test it on mobile while in Demo mode to see if it works before you risk any real money on it.

Football Fortunes is an exciting online slot with huge payouts, lots of bonuses and loads of features to make it fun to play. It looks nice and is the perfect game for true football fans looking for something more. Give it a try for yourself and see why so many other gamblers are interested in this slot game.