Mermaid Queen Slots

Welcome to an amazing underwater world and come face to face with the mermaids and the mermen. This is a magical world only to be found under the sea where you yourself can dive in with the fishes surrounded by the most fabulous aquarium ever with the most vibrant colours that you have ever seen. Join in the calm and peaceful everyday life of the creatures that live under the sea.

Swim with the fishes and meet all sorts of fish and underwater folk and make new friends as you swim along their side. Have you ever looked at the sea and wondered what lies within? With Mermaid Queen Slots you can go underneath the water and mingle with the merfolk and with the colourful fishes swimming. You will become spellbound with the magical colours swirling around you in Mermaid Queen Slots. Discover the scatter symbol clams from within mysteries of the sea and get your total bets multiplied.

Could life under the sea be the life for you? Take a dive under the sea and find out in Mermaid Queen Slots. Discover the scatter symbol clams and find amazing treasures under the sea. There are 20 pay lines to choose from. Your wagering bet can begin from as little as 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, $1 up to as much as $5.

The Help button will give you all the details about rewarding combos, bonus features and the rules of the game. Your wagering bet can begin from 1 cent, 2 cents, 5cents, $1 up to $5. You can use the Auto play button to play the game automatically. The game will automatically go faster and you can sit back and relax while watching your riches mount up. You can stop the Auto play at any time manually. The Auto play will come to a stop when you run out of money.

To start playing simply choose your wagering bet and choose how many lines you want to play for. You can play for from 1 to 20 lines. When you have made your decision, press the Spin button. If you want the game to play automatically for you, then press the Auto play button. To increase your bet, press the up button. To decrease your bet, press the down button. If you need any advice or help, simply press the Help button. The Help button will give you all the details about rewarding combos, bonus features and the rules of the game. When you choose to play the game automatically the game will go faster for you and you can sit back and watch as the reels do all the work for you.

In the Mermaid Queen Slots, the wild symbol is the mermaid and the scatter symbol is the clam. Under the free spin feature, the image of the Mermaid Queen appearing on the first reel, third reel or fifth reel, will give you ten free games. If you reveal the clam which is the scatter symbol on the active reels, then you will win additional free games. If you win ten free games, then all your rewards will be doubled and even tripled if you are able to get any additional free spins.

There is also a progressive jackpot which can be won at the end of any spin in Mermaid Queen Slots. No matter how much you have wagered, you can win the progressive at any time. As it is a progressive jackpot, the amount will increase until the jackpot is won. Join in the race for the progressive jackpot and increase your chances of winning enormous amounts of money if you hit the jackpot. The longer you play the more you increase your chances of winning in Mermaid Queen Slots.

In Mermaid Queen Slots, all the symbols pay from left to right except for the scatter symbol clam which pays both ways. All your pay per line winnings are added to the total sum of your winnings. Your scatter wins which is multiplied by your total bet is added to your pay line wins. All your rewards on the pay lines are multiplied by your bet per pay line. The maximum amount of reward on the Mermaid Queen Slots is 40,000 times of your bet per pay line on every spin.

You can play this game for fun money in order to practise Mermaid Queen Slots and gain experience in this game. When you feel that you are confident enough to try your luck, you can then switch to real money. In this way, you can be sure of winning with confidence. This will make it easier for you to understand the game properly and win. So dive down to the bottom of the ocean and get ready to win lots and lots of riches and treasures.