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Why Instant Play Games are Popular in Online Aussie Casinos

Visit any online casino available to Australian players today and you will end up playing games one of the following ways:

  • Via their mobile casino or app
  • Through the downloaded casino lobby
  • Via the website by choosing instant play games in your browser

The third way is best

For many players, the latter option is the best of all. Sure, mobile games are great to try if you aren’t near your computer and you’ve got some time to kill. Why not check out the mobile casino in that scenario, so you can enjoy some great features and gaming on the go?

But for many other players, instant play games are the best ones of all. There is no need to download the lobby via their free software. It’s free, yes, but unless you know the casino and can trust it, you may not be too happy doing this. Instant play means just that – no downloading required.

Instant play games are perfect when you’re playing on different computers

There could be a million reasons why you don’t always play on the same computer when you visit your favorite casino. If you do tend to switch computers occasionally, you won’t want to download the software for the casino lobby onto each computer as you use it. That may not be practical. So, a casino offering instant play pokies to enjoy is going to be the better option.

Fast and responsive gameplay is guaranteed

Playing pokies via your chosen browser may seem like a slower way of playing these games. Not so. In fact, modern pokies are designed to load quickly and play with no downtime or delays. Of course, there can be issues occasionally, but those issues can happen in a downloaded or mobile casino too.

Perhaps the main reason why players love instant play pokies and other casino games so much is the no-hassle approach. If you’re a member of a casino, you just sign in, choose a game, and get started. There is nothing more to do than that. You don’t need to access any software or do anything else to get things underway.

While we expect online casinos to offer free software for players to use, we don’t expect the instant play games to go away anytime soon. In fact, this could become the favored way for many more players to enjoy online pokies and casino games.