Loch Ness Loot Slots

Loch Ness Loot Slots
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Types5-reel, video, bonus
Loch Ness is a lake in Scotland where the famed Lochness Monster is said to live. Many have said that they have seen this monster and many more come to Scotland to try and catch a glimpse of the monster.

The mythical monster is waiting to be discovered…………by you! Find out whether he is fact or fiction get great rewards whilst trying to find this elusive monster. Win big rewards when you capture the mythical sea creature.

Lochness Loot Slots makes you believe that the Lochness Monster really does exist. Join in the quest in looking for the Lochness Monster and find out what rewards will be coming your way when you manage to find him. This is not an easy venture which you have embarked upon. Are you capable of finding the treasures through all these obstacles?

Discover a completely new world where there is mystery and excitement all around you and for those of you willing to take the risk and fight through the ordeals ahead. Join in the quest for hidden treasure. Become an explorer and make your way to find the treasure ahead.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a real life explorer and to discover a wonderful new and exciting world full of treasure? Well now you can get down to it and enjoy a great experience while enjoying your favourite game. Well then get ready to join in this quest for riches which are hidden all around you in Lochness Loot Slots.

Finding the Lochness Monster is difficult but finding Lochie and his loot is relatively easy in Lochness Loot Slots. First of all, choose the number of credits which you would like to bet. Then choose the number of paylines you would like to bet. Then lock in your bet, hit Spin and join in the search for Lochie and his riches.

Lochness Loot Slots is a 25-payline game which awards 5,000 times your bet per line. It includes a free game feature where eight games are awarded featuring double prizes. The slots feature two progressive jackpots – a minor jackpot and a major jackpot and the monster is ready to splash you with lots of money. Look out for the scatter symbol. In Lochness Loot Slots look out for the Treasure. If you land on three of them from left to right, you will be awarded eight free games. During the free games, all prizes will be doubled. The free games will be played using your last locked-in bet before you entered the Free Games feature.

Capturing Lochie is not that easy. He has been eluding people and capture for decades so if you want a faster game opt for Auto play. This gives you the luxury of relaxing while you watch the reels spin at a faster pace and watching your money pile up in front of your eyes. The Auto play button stops either when you stop it manually yourself or else when you run out of money.

Lochness Loot Slots also includes a win-win feature. It is activated when 25 lines have been played, so if you want to play this feature, make sure that you have locked in 25 paylines. Then you will be able to access the win-win feature at the end of the Free Games Feature if the number of free games won is eight times the triggering bet or less.

This is the ideal game for the explorer. Instead of having to go to Scotland to look for the elusive monster and having to plan for years and years ahead, you can play this game from the comfort of your own home. You may go to Scotland to have a look but probably, no matter how hard y ou try, you would not find the Loch Ness monster. If you tried to capture Lochie in the Lochness Loot Slots however, you will find that it is not that difficult to do and you will enjoy your rewards in the process. So what would you rather do? Wouldn’t you rather be rewarded for your efforts?

So what are you waiting for? Start playing Lochness Loot Slots today and have yourself one great and rewarding adventure. Fancy yourself at the edge of the Loch and imagine that you have found the monster. You will be rewarded for capturing him and will not regret playing this game. You will get to have a good look at Nessie and this is the closest look you will ever get. If you had to actually go to Loch Ness, you would probably not see any monster at all. So try and start playing this exciting game today and see what could happen. One thing is for sure – this exciting game is sure to give you great rewards!