Vegas Lux Slots

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Types5-reel, video, bonus
ThemesAmerican, Casino, Las Vegas

Take a look at the brilliant flashing lights and intense animations of this Las Vegas themed slot experience when you play Vegas Lux. This modern slot has a unique reel setup, bright and nicely drawn symbols, and a set of bonuses that will have you committed to playing. It's not perfect, but it looks to be a lot of fun. We just had to do a complete review of this stunning game after taking a look at it. Learn all about the slot game and what you can experience when playing on it by reading through our review below.

A Unique Reel Design

Most slot games give you the same heigh trees all the way across. That's not the case with this game though. Instead, you get three-high reels on the outsides, four-high one reel closer to the middle, and five-high smack dab in the center of the slot game. This creates a cool design that stands out in a big way as you play. It also makes it more difficult to predict where wins will come from as you play, so you won't see them coming each time you unlock a prize payout.

Made by Realtime Gaming

Most gamblers have heard of Realtime Gaming before. This massive gambling company is one of the most popular around today and is responsible for some of the largest and most impressive slots to date. It's not surprising that this game stands out as one of the latest creations from the company. It offers solid mobile support, beautiful graphics, and solid features as a result.

720 Ways to Win

There are a total of 720 different ways to win a prize payout each time you spin the reels. This is a huge number and ensures that you get frequent wins from this slot game as you play. I fou like winning prizes regularly, you will enjoy all the wins you get here. Part of the reason that wins come so frequently from this game is that the wins will pay out in either direction. No matter if it's from right to left, or left to right, if you get a winning combination, you will win some cash.

A Small Wagering Range

One of the big determining factors that decides what sort of gamblers play at a casino is the potential wager options available. Low stakes gamblers are looking for a low minimum bet, while high rollers want the largest maximum wager possible. This slot does good for the low-stakes players but excludes most high-rollers. You can wager a minimum of $0.50 per spin when playing this game, which is low enough for many low-stakes players to test it out. The upper wager maximum is just $25 per spin though, which will disappoint many gamblers.

Uncover a Large Prize Payout

For having a small maximum wager amount, it's still possible to get some very solid wins from this slot game with enough luck on your side. That's because you can win as much as $33,000 or 1,320x the wager amount you put down while playing. If you bet the maximum amount while playing this slot, you could end up winning very big and coming away with an exciting payday. That's not something you can do with many other slot games when wagering at that level.

Win with Scatters

Scatter symbols are a powerful tool that can result in some exceptional wins while playing this slot game. Scatters pay 2x, 10x and 50x your total wager amount when you get 3, 4 or 5 of them across the reels. That's a solid win and another way you can come away with a payout with this game.

Enjoy Generous Free Spins

Uncovering free games while playing this slot is one of the best ways to unlock wins and get ahead. To do so you need to get five of the free game icons on any of the reels of the slot. Do that and you'll start out with eight free games to play with. You can re-trigger this bonus and get up to 240 free games on a single bonus session with enough luck. Most gamblers trigger the feature at least once, and they can get multiple re-triggers while going through the bonus round to get more chances of winning.

It's a Mobile-Friendly Game

There's nothing like playing your favorite slot games while sitting at the doctor's office or riding the bus home. This is possible wherever you have a decent internet connection when you are playing this slot. It's been developed to run well on virtually every mobile device that you come across. That means you can conveniently play the game wherever you like and you can swap from one device to another and still play this slot.

Try it For Free

There's no reason to spend real cash if you want to test out this slot game for the first time. There are many casinos that allow gamblers to test out their games for free after creating a membership wit the sit.e You can do that with this online slot game as well, and should take the opportunity to test out the different features of the game before yo suspend any real money on the game. Just join up with a casino that offers this slot and test it for free.

Vegas Lux is a rock-solid slot game, but it's not the unique recreation of the Las Vegas genre we were hoping for. It's rewarding, it packs in some nice bonuses, but we've see nit all before. If you want a nice mix of features in a slot that's fun to play with mediocre prize payouts, that's what you get here. It's certainly worth a playthrough and may be a favorite for some gamblers. If you want new features or massive prize payouts, this isn't the right slot.