Fortunate Rabbit Slots

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Types5-reel, video, bonus
ThemesRegional, East, China

Fortunate Rabbit is the type of slot game we would normally pass right over. It's simple, doesn't come loaded with too many special features, and it's a game you can learn to play in one short play session. If you want a revolutionary slot with features you've never experienced, this one isn't it. You might wish to try the game out if you want a straightforward gambling session with entertaining features.

Simple Wagering

To wager in this game, you change the coin value, and that's it. Any wager you make is on all 15 paylines, so you always have the maximum chances to win when you spin. There are no payline adjustments to make, which makes it simple to sit down and start playing fast.

A Few Key Features

This game hasn't too many special features, but there are enough little perks to keep things interesting. You'll notice that some wild symbols stretch out and cover the full reel as you play. These rare moments give you another chance to win that you wouldn't otherwise have. There are also random re-spins that trigger while you're spinning. These two little extras keep things feeling random and exciting as you spin. You'll find yourself looking forward to these little boosts and never see them coming.

The Free Spins Bonus is Powerful

We love a good free spin bonus round, and you have a powerful one with this slot. Whenever you trigger the free spins, you'll have many chances to win powerful prizes without paying for them. Get the right combination of symbols, and you'll start this bonus round. You'll usually get at least a single win during this bonus round, and often you'll get several wins.

Big Wins are Possible

Every gambler wants a huge win while playing a slot, so gamblers choose games with huge prize payouts. Many players fall in love with progressive jackpot games after hearing about a life-changing win that some players achieved. This game isn't equipped with a progressive jackpot, but it does have a good-sized fixed jackpot opportunity. If you're lucky when you play, you can win up to 50,000 coins. That's a ton of cash, which would certainly change most players' lives. Spin for this opportunity, and you could be one of the lucky players that walk away with a massive win.

Test Play it First

When getting to know a slot, you likely won't want to spend too much money learning about features you don't care about or don't want to deal with. That's why it's good that you can test this game for free before you spend money on it. Try it in the demo mode first, then spend real money later. You'll get familiar with what the slot offers, and you can play for real once you feel good about the game.

An Instant Play Slot Made for Mobile

This slot is an instant-play game with good gambling features that work on most mobile phones and tablets. Take the game to your desired device and enjoy the same play experience.

AutoSpin Support

Autospin is a useful feature that many gamblers overlook without considering its usefulness. If you desire to play for an extended period without pressing the spin button continually, you'll want access to an auto-spin feature. Autospin is easy on this game, and you can use it by tapping a few buttons.

Fortunate Rabbit is not perfect, but it may be perfect for some gamblers. Test play this game, and you could fall in love with it. Who knows, you may even decide it's your new favorite.