Outta This World Slots

Outta This World Slots
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Types5-reel, video, progressive
ThemesAdventure, Space

Welcome to the exciting world of the Outta This World Slots. This game is truly out of this world as it takes you to outer space and beyond. You can go and explore places where no other player has even been before. Discover what outer space is and how it works. There is an element of danger in this venture but if you persevere, then the rewards are great. Would you like to spiral into outer space and win some substantial cash in the process? Get ready to put on your space suit and climb into the rocket. Wait for the blast off to take you into outer space. 1 - 2 - 3 blast off! Off we go into the unknown on a journey of a lifetime where everything is unknown and new to us. One thing we do know for sure is that on this exciting journey, we are bound to come back home laden with unsurmountable treasure.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to orbit the atmosphere and circle around the earth? It is time to discover a wonderful new and exciting world full of treasure in outer space. Enjoy this great experience while playing your favourite game. Get ready to join this quest for riches which are hidden all around. Outta This World Slots takes you on an exciting journey like no other where you are on your way to becoming rich. Enter a completely new space world where all around you there is travelling and excitement and of course rewards for those of you willing to take the risk and make your way through the ordeals ahead. Join in the adventure for your quest for the hidden treasure. Become a new part of the astronaut team and discover your way to find the treasure ahead. There is lots of treasure hidden within and it is up to you to find it. Ready?

Outta This World Slots is a 5-reel game that features 20 pay lines full of excitement and adventure with wild symbols, scatters, a free spins feature, and a random jackpot that can be won at the end of any spin. You can bet from 1 cent per line to 5 cents per line which makes the highest possible bet to be $100. It is best to play the maximum bet to maximise your winnings. Outta This World Slots pay outs are from left to right. The wild symbol in Outta This World Slots is the Alien. The Alien only appears on the first, third and fifth reel. When Alien shows on those lines, the whole reel becomes wild.

Black holes are the scatter symbols. Two black holes multiply your bet by one time. Three black holes multiply you bet by three times. Four black holes multiply your bet by twenty-five times. Five black holes multiply your bet by five hundred times. When you get a black hole in the second reel and on the fourth reel you are taken to a galaxy where you choose five planets. Out of the ten planets you have to choose from, five hide five free games and five hide credit prizes of 2 times, 3 times, 5 times, 10 times, 25 times and 100 times your bet.

You can pick planets until two aliens are revealed. All prizes are doubled during the free games and the feature play can be retriggered. In Outta This World Slots there is also a progressive jackpot which can be triggered at random at any time when you least expect it. It is irrelevant how large or how small you bet is, the random progressive jackpot can hit at any time. The random progressive jackpot amount will be added on to if nobody wins it. So the amount of the jackpot is always increasing. Then, once the jackpot is won, the random progressive jackpot is set once more. Are you ready for blast off? Get ready to win big in this fun space themed slot.

There is a feeling of excitement in the air as the rocket takes off and you are blasted off into orbit. There is a feeling of lightness as you circle the earth slowly in search of treasure. You feel as though you are in a dream as this feeling is surreal and you are ready to embark ona journey of your dreams.

Then what are you waiting for? Start playing Outta This World Slots today and have yourself one great and rewarding adventure. One thing is for sure - you will feel so comfortable and so much at ease in your new world that you might never want to come back down to earth! Take your chances and risk the adventure of a lifetime which we are sure that you will not regret!