Hillbillies Slots

Yeee Haaa! Enter the world of hillibillies as you chase them to win huge winnings. Have a look at the world of the hillibillies in their rural mountainous land where you can join in their fun. Pan for gold with the Hillibillies and they will help you to make big wins. These Hillibillies are all out to help you pan for gold. Make friends with the hillibillies and they will be your friend for life even sharing their treasure with you.

HIllibillies Slots is a 5 reel, 20 slot game where you can bet from 1 cent to $100. You will win 8 free games if you match a combo of 2 or more symbols from the symbols of Grandpa, Young Woman and Young Man. If you get two or three scattered symbols, your wins will be multiplied by 2 to 10 times. These symbols will increase your odds of winning and will also win you your highest reward of 5000 coins. When you get these three images it is easy win the scatter rewards in Hillibillies Slots.

Look out for the hillibillies when you are panning for gold as the hillibillies doubles as the wild and the scatter. So set the amount you want to bet and the number of lines you would like to play. So make a run to the hills and win some huge prizes in the process. If the whole family shows up then you can win up to 20 times your regular prize. Play Hillibillies Slots and win big.

The Hillibillies Slots is a great western game and a fun game to play. Join in the adventure as the hillibillies search for gold in the hills. This is a western game and it is fun to play with the hillibillies and their farmyard friends in Hillibillies Slots. Enjoy a bottle of moonshine when you are tired as this is sure to put you in a good mood again. Sing and hum along with the enchanting music of the banjo as the hillibillies play the night away. This is a game where there is lots of money to be won. Have a great time playing this western themed game and get those hillibillies in a line. There are 20 lines to play in Hillibillies Slots and your bet is divided equally on the number of lines you choose. You can bet from 1 cent to $5. You can increase you bets by pressing the arrows up or down. You can either play manually or let the auto-play play the game for you for a faster game. The game will go on non-stop until you either stop it manually or else when you run out of money.

You can play for fun money in Hillibillies Slots until you are confident that you can achieve great winnings. When you feel that you are ready to wager your money, all you have to do is to switch your fun money to real money and this will give you a better chance of winning big.

When you get tired of pressing the Spin button or simply want to take a break without actually leaving the Hillibilly family, then switch the Spin button to Auto play and the reels will be spun for you. You can sit and watch as the Hillibilly Family do their work and win great rewards for you.

Three important symbols in the Hillibillies Slots are the images of grandpa, a young woman and a young man. These symbols increase your odds of winning and will also win you your highest reward of 5000 coins. Now it is even easier to get the scatter rewards when you use these three images. Do not forget that whenever you want to practise beforehand you can always play with fun money instead of real money until you get a good idea of the game.

Enjoy the ambiance of the gold rush where there is lots of money to be won. Before you actually start playing you can press the help button and this will explain all that you need to know. Then press the Spin button and you are ready to play. If you do not yet feel confident enough to wager any money, then play first for fun money and switch to real money when you feel ready.

So what are you waiting for? So come and try Hillibillies Slots today. One thing is for sure – you will always have a friend in a hillibilly!! Try panning for gold with the Hillibilly family and friends. The more you pan and wager, the more money you can win and remember also there are the free spins and the multipliers which will definitely boost your wins. So get cracking because the Hillibilly Family are waiting for you. Good Luck!