Funkey Monkey Slots

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Typesvideo, progressive, bonus

Have fun with this musical monkey. This game is packed full of fun and excitement. That monkey is at your disposal in the game of the same name. The game is colourful in design; with it having pleasurable graphics to boot. It has a funny appearance, with sunglasses and a bongo, ready to start the fun. Funky Monkey Slots provides players with something a little different. Get into the spirit of the game and see what the Funky Monkey will award you with. This is an old game, so it is familiar to the aficionados of classic Slots. The very name will stick in your memory, and you will want to see what you will be faced with.

Funky Monkey Slots attempts to blend together the fresh and the traditional. With the single pay line you will have no problem playing calmly and with ease. You will be able to speed up the pace at your discretion. You can not only adjust the speed of playing, but also the volume level. So you can customize your gaming experience, including the size of the screen for the game.

The graphics provided within this game are entertaining and different from what you might expect. In the top left hand side of the screen, is the Funky Monkey himself, holding a bongo, wearing a purple suit, and grinning away. He is the ultimate happy-go-lucky mascot that is enough to encourage anyone to continue playing. The rest of the screen is green in colour, which allows the Funky Monkey to stand out from the backdrop, adding a little bit of extra mischief to the game.

The rewards you can bag start from a combination of any 3 bars, then follow the combinations with Bar1, Bar 2, Bar 3. With these 3 symbol combinations you get 60, 120, and 180 coins, respectively. Three bananas in a combination mean a heftier reward, 240. After all, they are the monkey's favourite food. The glasses, part of the monkey's funky appearance, can fetch 300 coins. The combination of 3 huts will reward you with 600 coins. The Palm Trees in a combination of 3 will fetch 1,200 coins. The top prize you can grab is the one for the combination of 3 Drums: an amazing amount of 2,500 coins.

The pay table for the game is available at the top of the reels, so that players are able to see exactly what they can win throughout the duration of play, and the pay outs available are decent too - with prizes up to 2,500x the base bet amount being made available to win!

Underneath the three slot reels, there are three buttons, one of which reads 'bet one'. The 'bet one' button increases the bet being placed and the amount of money that can be won. At the lowest bet amount, the prizes to be won vary from 10x to 800x the wager amount; the middle of the pay table shows that a player can win between 20x and 1,600x the amount that has been placed, and the highest betting section available gives players to opportunity to win between 30x and 2,500x the amount that has been bet. These prizes are extremely high for such a basic and simplistic game, and can be very inviting for some players.

You will definitely not miss the high tech features of other Slots, with the cheerful Funky Monkey and the chances listed in the colourful pay table. Remember that for betting with 1 coin your pay out can be 800 coins, for wagering with 2 coins the chances will soar to 1,600, and if you bet the maximum 3 coins, you will grab an amazing 2,500 coins win.

For any three symbols on a line, you will win four times the betted amount. This is an excellent bankroll-boosting feature that shouldn't be dismissed out of hand. Saying that, if you truly want to win big you'll need to keep an eye out for the seldom seen symbols in the game. The higher prizes are offered for the more rarely seen symbols. Blowing the standard 4x multiplier out of the water, should the symbols fall in your favour, you could be granted a multiplier of anything up to 800x!

The high prizes to be won are further complimented by the low wagering requirements. Starting at just 0.05 per spin, and slowly increasing to 5.00 per spin, this game is applicable for all budgets. Furthering that, offering such low betting amounts means that this slot game can be thoroughly enjoyed, without the fear of losing too much money. For beginners, this game proves to be extremely friendly and there is something to be said for that for sure.

So the next time you are looking for a fun slots experience, throw on your dancing shoes and dance away with Funky Monkey Slots!