Frog Fortunes Slots

Frog Fortunes Slots
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Types5-reel, video, bonus
ThemesAnimals, Frogs, Nature
Frog Fortunes is a newer slot game that offers a blend of dynamic features in an easy-to-play package. The game is something most gamblers can pick up and start using in just a few minutes. It caught our attention the minute we saw it, and that's why we decided to create a full review of the slot. Read through our overview to learn about the game and what you can expect when you play it.

A Realtime Gaming Creation

This slot game was created by Realtime Gaming, one of the most prominent software companies in the casino industry today. The company is responsible for hundreds of games and is an excellent resource for gamblers that are interested in variety and high-quality slots. This slot is well-made because it's created by RTG or Realtime Gaming.

Simple Video Slot

This game is made for simplicity, and it's easy for any new player to pick up and begin using. Wagering only takes a few minor adjustments, there are few features to learn to understand, and this slot is an excellent option for new gamblers. If you want a game that isn't overwhelming, this slot is a good option.

Ancient Symbols

This game features a variety of ancient symbols that look like they belong to an old civilization. The slot features a forest background and shows off an animated frog symbol. It has a unique look to it and is a fun theme that players may not have seen before.

243 Ways to Win and Simple Wagers

This game doesn't have paylines, and wagering is as simple as possible as a result. The game awards prize payouts using a 243-ways wins cluster system. Different groups of symbols result in prize payouts with this setup. Wagering is as easy as pressing plus and minus symbols. Adjust the symbols to choose between a minimum bet of $0.25 per spin and a maximum bet of $6.25 per spin.

Low Payouts

Wins aren't very large when they come from this slot game. The maximum prize payout is worth just 150 coins, and most of them are much smaller in size. That doesn't mean you can't unlock impressive profits from this slot, though; you just need a combination of wins chained together. The bomb and cascading symbols feature both help players achieve chains of wins.

Activating Autoplay

If you don't feel like pressing the spin button to turn the reels of this slot, you can use the Autospin or autoplay feature instead. Press the special button, choose between five and 100 spins, and it will start spinning all by itself. The feature goes until you're out of spins, or you press the stop button.

Bombs Drop Often

The whole time you try this slot game, you'll see bomb symbols dropping down to the reels and creating random clusters of symbols. The symbols are always matching, and they are completely random. The bombs transform between two and seven symbols, including themselves, and create all sorts of prize-winning combinations as a result of those transformations.

Cascading Symbols Create Chain Wins

Explosions from bombs are also the trigger that leads to this slot's cascading symbols feature. When bomb explosions create winning combinations, the winning symbols are removed, and new symbols take their place. You can trigger chains of prize wins because of these features, and they help gamblers win even more money while playing this slot game.

Try the Game Free or Play for Real

Frog Fortunes can be played for real money or in a demo mode using a play money balance. You get to decide how you want to experience the game when you first start playing. Choose Demo to play with a play money balance and get used to the different features. Choose Real Money to start wagering with your own money and playing for a real prize payout. You will be dazzled at how much you can win with some luck on your side in this slot.

A Terrible RTP

The RTP also called the return to player value of this slot is only slightly higher than 92%. That's very low for a modern slot game, and it is one of the worst things about this game. The slot is fun to play, but it isn't a good value for this reason. If you try and play games that offer decent odds, you won't want to try this one at all. If you just wish to have fun, this game can still be worth playing.

Winners Receive Small Payouts

The winners that play this slot game don't win very much at a time. Instead, they unlock small prize payouts one after another. Many of the wins that gamblers receive will be smaller than their wager amount. If you're the type of gambler that likes winning prizes often, you can have fun with this game. If you need larger wins, you won't like this game.

A Mobile Creation

Mobile wagering is a way to play different slot games without being stuck in one location or locked onto a single device. This slot works well on most mobile devices as well as computers. You can swap between your devices effortlessly and enjoy all the features of the game no matter what you decide to play on. Switch around between devices, and you'll be able to play the game you love anyway you feel like playing.

Rating the Slot

By taking the time to test play this slot and get familiar with its features, we've decided that the game is fun to play and worth playing for some people. We've also come up with our rating for it. We give it a 3.3 out of 5.0 stars. That's not a great rating, but that's mostly because of the low RTP value and the small prize payouts. The bomb and cascade features are entertaining, and the fast-paced style of this slot makes it enjoyable to play with as well.

Hopefully, after reading this review, you have an idea of if you want to play this slot or not. It's not for everyone, but some gamblers will have fun with this game. If you want to win as often as possible, you will like this game. If you want bonus features to trigger regularly, you'll also have a good time here. Try it for yourself to see if you like it. You can play for free if you like after all.