Cai Hong Slots

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Types5-reel, bonus, video
ThemesRegional, East, China

Anybody who is interested in China and its past will love this game. This interesting game celebrates the Chinese heritage and you can become a part of its past with this all-new online slot. Cai Hong is an ancient dinosaur with glittering vibrant bright colours. This dinosaur is striking in appearance and is conspicuous against the rest of the other dinosaurs of the era.

This is definitely the game for anybody who is interested in the Jurassic era. This game mixes a variety of some striking dinosaur-themed bonuses and some cool looking graphics as well. You will simply love this game from the moment that you start playing it. Cai Hong is certain to take centre stage with the rest of the other slots as it is a unique game with its unique symbols supporting it. You will be amazed at how different it is from any other slots.

Cai Hong Slots are designed for fast-paced game play. This online slot is a fantastic, feature rich and colourful creation that provides a stunningly colourful Chinese style and theme and that so many players will really enjoy this fine five reel creation. There are many different ways to win big prizes with this slot game and there are enough features to keep you guessing at what is going to happen when the reels spin again.

You can play Cai Hong Slots on your home PC or on your mobile phone and tablet. The graphics and the quality will be exactly the same as its beauty has been completely optimised for play on mobile phones and tablets as well as for laptops and PCs. These slots provide you with many surprises and kicks and you are sure to enjoy playing this fascinating game.

This game can give you some really good wins and this keeps things hot all through the game. Spin the reels and hope for the best, while celebrating ancient Chinese Heritage. Many people are familiar with the tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur, the raptors, the stegosauruses and other well-known dinosaurs but the time has not come for more people to become familiar with the Cai Hong dinosaur. This slot is the ideal way for this to introduce the Cai Hong Dinosaur. Give it a try as we are sure that you will have a very good time.

The graphics in this game are so much fun especially when you see those great red and gold bursts of colour and Cai Hong slots is so well designed with placing your wagers and getting those 5 reels spinning all so easy and the wide betting range means that all types of players may go for the action that it provides. It does not matter whether you are a novice player or a seasoned player. This game is perfect for all types of players. These slots are a cut above the rest outdoing the Asian and Oriental slots which are available and they sit nicely in that slots genre, providing excellent visuals, smooth spinning and so many different ways to win. This game is full of cool Asian icons that fill your screen with spurts of bright colour and there are a few of the Cai Hong Slot symbols that will provide the bigger wins for you.

The Cai Hong wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols to provide wild wins and when you get those wins, they will be boosted nicely with excellent multipliers, however, the Cai Hong scatter symbol has the potential to reward even more. These scatters will trigger the explosive Cai Hong free spins bonus round in which you will be provided with 15 spins of the reels with all the wins being doubled, and besides, you just never know when the huge jackpot will come your way.

Although there have been many slots which feature dinosaurs and are Chinese-themed, Cai Hong Slots is definitely the best. It is way ahead of its time in terms of graphics and features in its game. Now is the time to go ahead and start playing Cai Hong Slots and to meet the little Chinese dinosaur.

The random progressive jackpot will hit you when you least expect it. After each spin you could win this jackpot which is triggered at any time during the game and does not depend on how many times you play or how much money you have wager. It is completely independent of these limitations and if you are really lucky, you could be the winner of the random progressive jackpot when and in for a big surprise. Considering that it takes no effort at all to win the random progressive jackpot and considering that the amount of the progressive just grows and grows, don't you think that it is time for you to sit down, relax and start playing Cai Hong Slots today?