Builder Beaver Slots

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Typesbonus, progressive, video
Builder Beaver Slots has two different Free Game Features that will help you win free games. You can double or triple your prizes and even hit the extra substitute symbols! A beaver’s special features are not only their teeth and their ability to see underwater but the beavers’ capacity in Builder Beaver Slots is in their ability to help you win and win big.

Welcome to the world of industrious beavers building their home on the river banks. Using their front teeth as tools, beavers are known to be very good workers. Apart from all this however, the beavers in Builder Beaver Slots are also there to help you win. The beaver’s world is an exciting adventurous world where anything can happen. Make friends with these furry, hard- working pals as they toil side by side on the river bank.

Builder Beaver Slots takes you to a whole new world of beavers that isn’t quite like any other. Make many dam side furry friends as you work side by side with the beavers. The beavers then in turn, will help you to win great rewards. So make friends with the beavers to take advantage of their friendly help in order to win some of the biggest stakes in the game. Discover all five beaver symbols and get 10,000 times bet per line. In Builder Beaver Slots there are huge prizes and random jackpots. Hours and hours of fun await you on this side of the dam.

There are two jackpots in Builder Beaver Slots. There is a minor jackpot and a major progressive jackpot which is triggered at random and awarded at the end of any game. It makes no difference how much you wager or for how long you play because the random progressive jackpot can be triggered off at any moment and when you least expect it.

Enjoy your favourite game by the dam joined by the industrious beavers. Emerge yourself in this wonderful world of beavers and get right down to playing this game with the rest of your beaver friends. Sounds too good to be true? Then get ready to dive into this 5-reel slot on the river bank. Demonstrate your building skills in Builder Beaver Slots with 25 pay lines over 5 reels. Yes you really do have 25 possibilities of winning when you play 5 reels. The theme of this game is a very busy beaver in the construction business. You can play for as little as 1 cent to as much as $100 in this wonderful game.

Beavers are funny industrious creatures which will endear you to their comical ways. They have a large flat tail, which serves as a rudder when swimming. Beavers will also slap their tail on the surface of the water as a danger warning to other beavers or sometimes in play. They do not use it to carry mud. To obtain food and building materials, beavers are well known for their ability to topple large trees using nothing but their specially adapted incisor teeth and powerful lower jaw muscles. Their four front teeth are self-sharpening due to hard orange enamel on the front of the tooth and a softer dentin on the back. Therefore as beavers chew wood the softer backside of the tooth wears faster, creating a chisel-like cutting surface. So what are you waiting for? Simply choose a number of lines that you would like to play between 1-25 and decide how much you want to bet. You can bet as little as 1 cent and as much as $100 per spin. You can do this by using the up and down arrows. Once you have decided on your wager, hit the Spin button and the reels will start moving.

The minor jackpot and the major jackpots reset at $250 and $1000 respectively. When three or more scattered signs appear, you will get ten free games. Also when you spot 3 or more scattered Beavers a total of twelve games are awarded to you. When one or more of these beavers substitute in a winning combination, the free games prizes get tripled for you. Incredibly, this feature can be retriggered so if you are really lucky you could get it more than once.

You can use the Auto play button to play the games automatically for you. Sit back and let the reels roll while you watch your rewards pile up. You can stop the Auto play either by pressing the Stop button or else when your money runs out. So it is time to start playing Beaver Builder Slots today and immerse yourself in the beavers’ world, search for the hidden treasure, increase your possibilities of winning and discovering free games and have a great time playing with the beavers in Beaver Builder Slots!