Three Stooges II Slots

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Types3-reel, video, progressive
ThemesMovies, Comical
The Three Stooges II Slots is a sequel game to The Three Stooges Slots. The Three Stooges were a vaudeville comedy team who created short films in the mid 20th century. They had a career lasting 40 years with Curly, Moe and Larry as the main characters. The fun never stops with Larry, Curly, and Moe up to their old shenanigans, calling each other knuckleheads and nitwits, or shouting things like "Why I oughta…." while clenching their fists—all for a good laugh!

The Three Stooges II Slots is an interesting game. For one thing, it’s a 3-reel slot, and yet there’s so much stuff going on all around the board that it can actually take you a moment to grasp that there are just 3 reels. Across the top you’ve got oversized buttons reading Balance, Bet and Win. Below them, more space is taken up in displaying the value of the game’s progressive jackpots, named the Minor, Major and Three Stooges jackpot. Then you’ve got the board in the centre of the screen, and either side of that there’s space for two bonus games called Larry’s Stash and Moe’s Moolah. Play The Three Stooges II Slots and join the madness! Hit three Curly symbols and you'll enter Curly's Cashola bonus round where all prizes are doubled. If that's not exciting enough for you, you'll also earn an extra free game if you hit mixed Larry, Curly or Moe symbols while inside the Curly Cashola bonus round. Hit three Larry symbols and you'll find yourself inside a special 6-level bonus round that works like a ladder. The bonus round features 20 free games with 7x prizes, 15 free games with 6x prizes, 12 free games with 5x prizes, 10 free games with 4x prizes, 8 free games with 3x prizes, and 7 free games with 2x prizes. To eliminate prize levels, the dice will be automatically rolled for you.

Hit three Moe symbols and we'll throw you headfirst into Moe's Moolah bonus round. It works the same as Larry's bonus round, but the prize ladder is even bigger. It's got 100 free games with 10x prizes, 75 free games with 8x prizes, 50 free games with 6x prizes, 25 free games with 5x prizes, 15 free games with 4x prizes, and 10 free games with 3x prizes.

This game has 3 pay lines, 3 reels and 3 jackpots. When it comes to setting your bet, you’ve got just 2 options: you can wager 0.3 or you can wager 0.75 coins per spin. There’s an auto play option which can be adjusted as finely as you like. Click on it and an extremely detailed submenu will appear. Land 3x The Three Stooges II logos on a pay line to win the game’s jackpot of 33x your bet. With just 1 of these symbols you’ll receive 3x and for 2 you’ll be awarded 9x.

In The Three Stooges Slots II there’s a surprising amount of bonuses built in. If you’re curious about how much fun there is to be had from The Three Stooges II, then you should play for fun before you decide to play for real money. That way you’ll be able to get a feel for what this odd but strangely intriguing slot has to offer. If you've ever watched The Three Stooges on TV or online, you know that America's favourite slapstick comedy trio is as fast as they are funny.

To experience their incredible energy, you'll want to hit the Auto play button on the Three Stooges online slots game. When you do, The Three Stooges will take a break from poking each other in the eye or dropping hammers on each other's toes and use their fingers for good instead of mischief. With Auto play activated, the Three Stooges do the spinning for you. Everything happens automatically, so you can sit back and let the guys do all the work. Any online slots player who is enjoying The Three Stooges slots game can win the progressive jackpot. To win, just hit 3 "The Three Stooges II" symbols during a game. Minor and Major Jackpots are awarded at the conclusion of a game. Major jackpots and minor jackpots are also completely random, so anyone can win. The Three Stooges II symbol is the wild symbol. It can substitute for any other symbol, except for the Larry, Curly, and Moe symbols. If you're into fast action, you'll want to pay attention to this button. When activated, you'll no longer have to hit spin to get the reels moving. Instead, the Stooges will do all the work for you.

Hit three Larry, three Curly, or three Moe symbols and you'll enter a special bonus round where winning gets out of control. Time to join the Three Stooges and it’s time for the fun to start!