Bulls and Bears Slots

Bulls and Bears Slots is the ultimate stock-market themed game that pays off in a major way. Forget about watching your portfolio take your income on a wild roller coaster ride. Bulls & Bears comes with a Feature Guarantee that awards you with free games—guaranteed every 100 spins if you don't hit the Buy-Sell Free Games Feature on your own. This game features two major jackpots, a free game guarantee and the ability to win up to 30,000 times your bet. The Feature Guarantee comes with the option to try your chance at triggering the free games feature manually, for whenever you feel like gambling for free games. Buy low and sell high with Bulls and Bears Slots!

Bull & Bear Slots also comes with a special Buy-Sell Free Games Feature. You'll automatically win 5, 7, or 15 free games when you hit 3, 4, or 5 Chart symbols left to right. Once you enter the free game, you'll be placed in the middle of a Wall Street stock market floor where you'll get to buy or sell. And you'll also see all your prizes tripled. If you choose to Buy, you'll earn one extra free game whenever you hit a Bull symbol. If you choose to sell, you'll win the same whenever you hit a Bear symbol.

Bulls and Bears slots have 5 reels and 25 pay lines, and are Wall Street-themed slots with wilds, triple-pay out free spins, a feature guarantee, and two random jackpots! This side bet ensures that the feature will be activated while playing all pay lines and within a certain number of spins (determined by the size of your initial wager the more you wager, the more often it can trigger).

The Bull and the Bear are the Substitute symbols. That means they can substitute for any other symbol except for the Chart symbol. Hit either of them in a winning combination and your prize will be doubled. Land on both and you'll score quadruple prizes.

Bulls and Bears Slots wagering is as simple as choosing a coin size and selecting all twenty-five pay lines, with coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $1.00, wagers can range from $0.25 to $25.00 per game. From Cash to Bonds to Gold Bouillon, the Bulls and Bears slot pay table is filled with all things Wall Street. Play goes from left to right for all symbols, including scatters. The Bulls and Bears slot has an auto play feature that is fully customizable so you don’t miss a thing during the game, for while you are at work or home or studying.

Both the Bull and the Bear are wilds in this slot game. While both will substitute for all symbols (including the scatters), each has a very specific territory. The Bull is found on Reel 2. The Bear is found on Reel 4. All wins with a single Wild will be doubled. You’ll win 4x the amount when both Wild symbols contribute to a single pay line win.

Bulls and Bears Slots Scatter symbol is the Chart symbol, and while the scatter pays regardless of a pay line, it does need to be on adjacent reels left to right. Wins are based on the total amount wagered. When the Bull or the Bear help add to your scatter quantity, the scatter win is doubled. If both the Bull and the Bear land on the reels with a scatter, the prizes are quadrupled up to 400x your total wager. Three or more scatters will trigger the Buy-Sell Free Games Feature.

Bulls and Bears Slot Buy-Sell Free Games Feature activates when three or more Chart Scatter symbols land on the reels. The more charts that appear during the triggering game, the more free games you can win (from 5 to 15 games). You’ll immediately need to choose which symbol (Bull or Bear) will be your source for more Free Games during the free spins. Every time that Bull or Bear appears on the reels during the free spins, you’ll be given an additional free game. Since the Chart symbol does not appear during the free games, that Bull or Bear is as close as you’ll get to retriggering this feature. Most importantly, all wins are TRIPLED during the Buy-Sell Free Games Feature, so choose your symbol wisely and keep those reels going! Bulls and Bears Progressive Jackpots comes with two different jackpots. You'll find a major jackpot that resets at $1,000 and a minor jackpot that resets at $250. Both are randomly awarded, and if you won you'll know about it at the conclusion of a game. This means that at the conclusion of any real money game, whether you won on that spin or not. So get yourself down to Wall Street and use your Buy-Sell Feature wisely. You could soon become the owner of a large pile of cash!