The Big Heist Slots

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Typesclassic, bonus, progressive
The Big Heist Slots is based on the big train heist of the west. Prepare to head out to the old west in another marvellously themed and executed 3D video slot designed on 5 reels and presenting 30 pay line. The slot is absolutely fantastic and has a wonderful presentation and feature set. This action charged features the classic theme of a most wanted bank robber and a strong-minded detective determined to catch him.

The game is set out in the old west, with a desert setting and a steam powered locomotive running across the background. The game presents plenty of thrilling experience and options, including scatters, a wild reel, bonus game and free spins multipliers. The game's symbols include card symbols that are decked out with great tribal style markings, a young hero, a knife-wielding villain, a gun-toting one-eyed bandit, and a hero cowgirl who wants to dole out justice.

The game also has some bonus symbols such as a gold safe that delivers a pick'em feature, various wilds that dole out standard wilds, win multiplier wilds, spreading wilds, and expanding wilds. There's also a 7 symbol that serves as a scatter and doles out free spins when three or more are uncovered on the reels. The game also has a posted return to player percentage of 96.7%, which is considered to be pretty high for an online slot. The Big Heist Slots grants you the chance to impersonate in Neil Quailand, a top-class bank thief character who chased by the resolute detective, Albert Kowalski, but is always keeping him one step behind. Neil is a charming robber who wants to penetrate with a forced entry into a treasury guarding over 9 million pounds in cash. Being Neil in the game, you must accomplish this task this before the police arrive and the crime scene! Will Detective Kowalski outsmart you, or will you clean off the vault and hit the road with the cash?

This game has great production value, and the comic book styled presentation is going on. There are free spins coming round as you rack up huge wins of more than 6,000 credits on a 10 spin round where you will be granted a traditional wild on every spin. Things get even better when you get the three gold safes to get the pick'em game going, as you can score some truly epic wins.

The Big Heist Slots is amongst the most lucrative free game slots, and the gameplay features scatter pay outs, multipliers, and free spins. The game can be managed by a row of control buttons. To initiate the play, you must first adjust the coin value and the number of the active pay lines. You can pick as well the Max Bet Spin options to activate all pay lines.

In this game the bonus features are top-notch. If you make a match of at least 3 Glass Cutter symbols, you will trigger the Glass Cutter Option, which will grant you to the opportunity to pick a Glass Cutters to open an instant reward. This additional prize could be in form of free spins, a bonus round, free spins, or more credits.

If you succeed to place the C4 symbol in the mid reel it will blast, getting you a wild. Any gains from the wild reels will be duplicated. There is also a possibility to choose to block the wild reel until your later spinning.

The action of this bank heist is taking place in posh style surrounding and is accompanied by a catchy tune, while the thief is emptying off the vault with his swanky widgets. The visuals are movielike and this enhances the thrill, as the glowing luster of the diamonds only intensifies the gaming experience. The control panel of the slot looks alike a sophisticated gizmo right from a robbery movie. The symbols in this slot beautifully depict Diamonds, the Vault, the Lock, the Ticking Clock, and Bank Blueprints. There is a bonus round to be activated by landing minimum 3 Vault symbols. In this bonus game, you must break in the Vault by one of the three ways - destruction, cracksman or break the code. It is up to you to pick.

The Big Heist Slots is especially for players with a taste for action. It features a fascinating theme and a captivating story to follow. It is charged with cinematic visuals and sounds that are entertaining to the max and enhance the thrill. It has a straightforward gaming rules and fabulous bonus options for more fun and gains.

This is one adventure you will be excited to play and want to keep playing over and over again. So step up to the reels, put your feet up and relax as you take your time out to play The Big Heist Slots.