Jack the Ripper Slots

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Types5-reel, 3D, bonus
ThemesCrime, Horror
Welcome to the dark and frightening world of Jack the Ripper who lurks in the shadows to pounce on his next victim. This is a scary venture which you have embarked upon. Do you dare confront Jack the Ripper – the serial murderer? Everything around you smells of murder and death. Can you find the treasures in these alleys of fear? This is a completely dark world that is alien to you where you must risk all to take the chance to overcome the ordeals which lie ahead. Join in the excitement of the game to find the hidden treasure.

Enter a completely alien world where all around you there is risk and excitement for those of you willing to take the chance to make your way through the ordeals ahead. Join in the quest for hidden treasure.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to live in the underworld of Jack’s life and to discover treasure along the path? Well now you can enjoy a great experience while playing your favourite game. Well then get ready if you dare to join this quest for riches which are hidden all around in the dark.

Jack the Ripper Slots have 3D animation and are very haunting. They have 5 reels and 25 pay lines, free spins, slasher wilds and a randomly triggered jackpot of over $1000.J ack the Ripper Slots are simple, creepy and crisp with one bonus feature, a full pay table and paying scatters. The bonus free spins are where most of the action is, so hold on until that trigger.

You can play from 1 cent to $5 making a wide range of betting opportunities from 25 cents to $125 credits per game. If you do not play all 25 lines, you can slide the arrows alongside the reels until you are secure. All non-scatter play goes from left to right and pays according to lines played and wagered. All symbols except for the Wild, need at least three symbols on a pay line to award a pay out. The Wild needs only two symbols. Jack the Ripper Slots also features a randomly triggered progressive starting at 1,000 credits which continues to grow bigger and bigger as more and more players join the game. The random progressive jackpot can be won at the end of any real money spin on Jack the Ripper 3D Slots; so be on the lookout all the time!

Jack the Ripper 3D Slots Wild is the bloody looking Wild symbol and it is the substitution symbol for most of the symbols of the game. It will replace all symbols except the Jack the Ripper logo. It appears on all five reels to increase the chance of winning. The wild is also paying symbol, awarding the highest pay out of 2,000 coins when 5 land on a pay line. Jack the Ripper Slot Scatter symbol is the Jack the Ripper logo symbol and it will help to trigger the game’s bonus feature. This awards pay outs from any position on the reels and pays as a product of your total wager and resulting multiplier based on the number of scatters present. The scatter also triggers the bonus feature. Jack the Ripper Slots Slashes Feature is triggered when three or more logo scatters land on the reels in any position. Win five free games. When you are about to win something big, the music and the sound effects will warn you. During the free spins, Jack the Ripper appears and slashes up to 15 symbols. These symbols are turned into more Wilds. Jack the Ripper Free Spins can retrigger during the feature, when three or more logo scatters appear. It is a fun and easy game to play. With the Wild symbol you can win small or big. This game is always consistent with its wins. On a dark and cold night go down to the alley and look for Jack the Ripper. Look out for his logos, wilds, free spins and most of all his random progressive jackpot which will win you the most money. A random progressive jackpot can happen at any time during the game irrelevant of how much money you are wagering. If it is not won, the amount of the jackpot just keeps growing until the amount is then won. Therefore, the amount of the jackpot can grow to an amazing amount of money. It is there just waiting for you to be won. So what are you waiting for? Start playing Jack the Ripper Slots today and try for free spins or the random progressive jackpot. Have yourself one great and rewarding adventure. It is worth taking the risk to make such a huge winning so go ahead and play Jack the Ripper Slots.