Wooden Boy Slots

Wooden Boy Slots will surely take you back to your childhood and back to the stories which you had read so long ago. Also back to that special wooden boy who became a real live boy. Yes ….. you’ve guessed it! We are talking about Pinocchio who, carved lovingly by Geppetto the carpenter, became a real live boy with lots of adventures ahead of him. Pinocchio could not help but get himself into trouble! By helping Pinocchio get out of trouble you will be paid handsomely for your efforts and in turn, then Pinocchio will help you to make big winnings in Wooden Boy Slots.

Just as Pinocchio had an exciting and adventurous time, then so will you too have an exciting and adventurous time in Wooden Boy Slots. You are guaranteed to have an exciting and adventurous game in Wooden Boy Slots. Watch with wonder as the wooden boy transforms into a real boy in Wooden Boy Slots. Win some extra cash and have a great time playing Wooden Boy Slots.

Wooden Boy Slots is a 5-reel 20-pay line game which can be played for as little as 1 cent to as much as $100. The Wooden Boy symbol can stand in for all other symbols except for the Blue Fairy. The Blue Fairy is the scatter symbol and with three Blue Fairies, you can play the bonus feature. This bonus feature triggers off a multiplier which triples the win of any line. Wooden Boy Slots features a random progressive jackpot. A random progressive jackpot is a jackpot which is triggered off at random at any time at all. It could trigger off on your first game or on your last game and the amount to be won is unpredictable. You will be amazed at how high the amount of the progressive jackpot can rise to. So what are you waiting for? Now is the right time to start playing Wooden Boy Slots today.

The Wooden Boy might not be a real boy but the money you could win by playing this game is certainly real! You can truly win big money in this game where the wooden boy becomes a real live Pinocchio. Pinocchio comes to life bringing with him a myriad of huge prizes, free games rounds and lots and lots of fun. Wooden Boy Slots also triggers off a random progressive jackpot which you could unexpectedly win vast sums of money. For quick pay outs, start playing the Wooden Boy Slots today!

Wooden Boy Slots is played at a maximum of 20 lines and a maximum bet per line of $5. You can play this game manually by simply pressing the Spin button. If however, you would like to take a break from pressing the Spin button, all you have to do is to press the Auto play button and the reels will be spun automatically for you. In this way, you can sit and watch your winnings pile up. Alternately, you can go your own way and do your own thing as you leave the reels spinning automatically to come back to a lovely surprise and find that you have won a huge amount of money.

The Wooden Boy symbol is the wild symbol substituting for any other symbol in a winning combination except scattered Fairies. You will be awarded 15 free games if you find three or more scattered Fairies. Wooden Boy’s progressive jackpot is triggered completely at random irrelevant of how much money you have wagered. The amount of money you could win in the random progressive jackpot is not consistent with the amount of money you have wagered when playing the Wooden Boy Slots.

You can play the Wooden Boy Slots for free before you actually start playing for real money. In this way you can practise your game and when you feel strong enough to play for real money, you can then switch to the real game. In this way you can gain your confidence and when you actually start playing the game for real cash be more certain of winning more and more cash.

The substitute icon serves as a wild symbol substituting for any other symbol in a winning combination except scatters. The Bonus Feature will be triggered with three or more scattered symbols appearing anywhere on the reels. Remember the progressive jackpot is triggered completely at random.

Now is the right time to start playing this exciting and adventurous game. Join Pinocchio in his quest to becoming a real boy and try and keep him out of trouble as you win big money again and again in the Wooden Boy Slots. You will be rewarded for your invaluable help and will look forward to playing the Wooden Boy Slots time and time again. Good luck!