Wild Wizards Slots

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Types5-reel, bonus, progressive
Welcome to Wild Wizards Slots! Enter this magical world of sorcery, wizards, wizard’s tower, polymorph, fireball and mad magic, at your own risk. In Wild Wizards Slots all your favourite magical companions will come to life. This game takes you to a whole new world of magic that is quite unlike any other world which you have ever known. You must overcome the danger in order to win big in this game of slots. Enjoy your favourite game wandering around in this spell binding land.

Then get ready to be rewarded and spellbound in this 25-reel slot. Participate in this freedom fun with 25 pay lines. To add to the excitement of the game, there are two big jackpots, there are two in Wild Wizards, including a major one with a $1000 reset amount and a minor jackpot that resets at $250 that can be won at any time

You can randomly win progressive jackpots at any time during the game. Progressive jackpots can pop up at any given time and these will increase your winnings dramatically! The more games you play the more chances you have of winning the progressive jackpot. In Wild Wizards Slots the progressive jackpots can be triggered at any random time during play. So what are you waiting for?

Simply choose your line selection and your bet selection by tapping your magic wizard wand against the up arrow and the down arrow next to the bet button and the lines button. To lock in your bet, wave your magic wand against the spin button and the reels will magically come to a complete halt and pay you out automatically just like real magic if you have lined up the right combinations.

You can play Wild Wizards Slots manually or else you can opt to press the Auto play and the game will run automatically for you. Sit back and watch as your winnings pile up automatically. This actually makes your game go faster and whenever you decide you do not want to use Auto play anymore, all you have to do is to stop it manually. Alternately, Auto play will automatically stop when you run out of money.

This is a 25-reel slot with 25 pay lines, having also two huge jackpots. The minor jackpot resets at $250 and the major jackpot resets at $1000. These are progressive jackpots which can be won at any given time during the game without any specific timing or any specific amount of wagering. You could have just started playing and might trigger off one of the progressive jackpots without even trying. Get ready to be amazed by hitting one of the jackpots and winning huge rewards without even knowing what happened. Get ready for a wonderful surprise as you play your game and find out that you have won one of the progressive jackpots. You could win a minor jackpot or you could even be luckier and win the major jackpot. The progressive jackpots in Wild Wizards Slots are merely won by chance. If you try your luck at Wild Wizards Slots you could win one of these two jackpots over and above our winnings at the game.

You can play this game for fun money in order to practise Wild Wizards Slots and gain experience in this game. When you feel that you are confident enough to try your luck, you can then switch from fun money to real money.

The sorcery feature game awards you 10 free games and may be retriggered once with an extra 5 games. The Wizard’s tower feature gets you 8 free games, but the Wizard symbol will remain held on the middle reel for even more magical wins. Before the polymorph feature game, a spell will be cast to reveal 1 bonus symbol, 2 bonus symbols or 3 bonus symbols. Then 7 free games will be played. The fireball feature will get you 6 free games with the Wild Wizard locked tight on two separate reels. You will earn 5 free games in mad magic and if you get 4 of a kind, 3 of a kind or 2 of a kind prizes gets you 5 times, 50 times and 500 times pay outs respectively.

Choose how many lines you want to play with and how much you want to bet and when you have made your decision, press the Spin button. You have the choice of playing this game manually or by playing it automatically. Whenever you choose the automatic button, you can sit back and relax as the reels spin automatically and you can watch as your winnings get larger and larger. You can bet from as little as 1 cent per line to as much as $5 per line. You can magically win some money if the reels stop on the right symbols. So why not try your luck at Wild Wizards Slots today?