Fat Cat Cafe Slots

Fat Cat Cafe is a simple online slot game that focuses on keeping things simple while still offering a decent form of entertainment to gamblers at the same time. If you're searching for a slot that's basic to understand, but that's also very different than most other slots, you'll enjoy this one. Find out what sort of bonus features the game is hiding, and why you can't judge this simple-looking book by its cover down below.

An RTG Creation

Realtime Gaming is a big name in the casino industry and is responsible for creating hundreds of the top slot games available for play today. Fat Cat Cafe is another creation by the company and it's no wonder that hte slot looks polished and plays in a unique way while offering a good wagering experience to players.

Play for Free

Even if you aren't sure about this slot game and if it's going to offer the features you want, you can test it out for free to see if you enjoy it or not. That's right, this game works in a Demo mode so you can play all its different features without risking any of your own money in the process. This is great news for gamblers that are just getting started, or for anyone that wants to experience this slot a bit more closely before risking money on it.

Minor Prize Payouts

The biggest win that you can get from this slot game is 3,000x your wager amount. That's not a bad win, but it's also not exceedingly exciting either. At least not until you consider just how much money you can wager in a single spin while playing this slot, then things get more interesting.

A High Roller's Dream

There are few slot games that let gamblers risk more than $250 per spin while playing. This slot goes way above that limit with a maximum wager limit of $3,000 per spin. That's a huge amount of cash and something that most high-rollers will get very excited about. The minimum wager of $2.00 per spin might be a bit high for some players, but there will be loads of players that want to play this game at the limits provided.

Prizes are Paid in Clusters

Rather than worrying about something as simple as paylines when playing this slot, the game pays out prizes based on clusters of symbols around the reels. As long as you have a set of 4 or more matching symbols touching horizontally or vertically, you have a win condition. The more symbols there are touching, the more money you can win from this slot game.

Cascading Reels Make Wins Larger

One of the best features of this slot is the cascading reels feature. Each time you unlock a win while playing this slot, the winning symbols will disappear and new symbols will drop in their place. If you can achieve another win with the new symbols the same thing will happen again. Each time new symbols cascade down the prize multiplier increases up to a maximum of 6x the standard amount. This is where the biggest wins occur with this slot, and it's the feature you should be trying to take advantage of whenever you can.

Watch for Special Cat Symbols

While you play Fat Cat Caffee you will notice that the cat symbols all transform the reels in a special way. Some symbols remove symbols from their row, their column, both their row and column, or from a radius around them. The symbol type you get determines what sort of special action that occurs. You can also get more than one of the cat symbols during a single turn. These special symbols trigger all sorts of prize payouts and can help you win prizes frequently.

An Instant Play Slot

This game will load up and run in a web browser without the need for downloading any software at all. If you're looking to test out the game and get a feel for what it offers, you can do it on a range of devices without a download.

Works on Mobile

Bring this slot with you on the go and enjoy it on your smartphone or tablet device flawlessly. The game is optimized for mobile play so you can enjoy all the same features and the same general play experience with mobile as you can on a full-sized computer.

Between the cat symbols and the cascade feature, there are many ways to get solid wins and combinations of wins from this slot game. If you're looking for a simple slot that's actually a lot of fun to play with, you will enjoy what this game has to offer. Test it out for yourself and see if it fits your playstyle or not.