Thai Emerald Slots

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Types5-reel, bonus, video
Thai Emerald is a new slot from Realtime Gaming, and it’s a beautiful game that captured our attention for its looks immediately. We didn’t know if the features would be worth pursuing or not, but we spent time getting to know the game and started enjoying things like mystery symbols and the particular free spin round after we got more familiar with how the slot works. Follow the review and learn more below.

A Standard Realtime Gaming Slot

Thai Emerald is a basic video slot that offers an array of features but no progressive jackpots. It’s a simple game to play, but there are mystery symbols and a free games bonus round that gives you more to look forward to.

Beautiful Thai Nature Theme

We immediately fell in love with the serene style of this game. The lotus flowers add an attractive splash of pink to the reels, and the green symbols, along with the beautiful waterfall, make this game relaxing to play. The game is a true testament to the beauty that Thailand has to offer.

25 Set Paylines

This slot game has 25 paylines, and they are always locked in play. That means you must bet 25 coins with each spin. Coin values are adjustable from $0.01 to $0.25 per coin, which means you can wager $0.25 to $12.50 per spin when using the game.

Small Prizes

This game is loaded with smaller prize payouts, and gamblers should expect to get some of their best wins by spinning the reels and unlocking clusters of wins. That doesn’t mean the game isn’t worth playing; it’s just best for players that don’t need massive prize payouts all at once to feel good.

Adjustable Play Settings

You have some control over the performance and feel of this slot, and you can adjust your settings to get the game feel just right. Toggle between two-speed settings to get the turn-rate of your reels just right. Also, use autoplay to get the game to keep playing when you’re tired of pressing the spin button. Do those things, and you’ll get the maximum amount of enjoyment from your game.

Free Game Mystery Stacks

The Mystery Stacks symbols pile up on reels 2, 3, and 4 and transform into matching symbols all at the same time. These powerful bonus symbols trigger huge prize-winning combinations of symbols, resulting in some of the best wins you can achieve overall. These symbols also lead to free games when you cover reels 2, 3, and 4. The free games bonus round gives you eight additional chances to win bonus money, and they start right after you get the payout for the mystery stacks symbols.

Win up to 2,000x Your Wager Amount

The best win you can achieve in one turn is 2,000x your total wager amount. That’s an okay payout, but it isn’t the colossal win some slots offer. Even still, this prize is decent, and it’s something for players to get excited about.

Test Play it For Free

If you want information about the game, or you want to feel how the slow feels to play it, you can get the experience by test playing it for free first. This is highly beneficial if you want to know the game more without risking your money.

Works with Mobile

This slot is designed to work with mobile devices, and it runs flawlessly on most tablets and smartphones. The slot can be played in a web browser, and no special apps are required to play for maximum convenience.

While we don’t think Thai Emerald is one of our favorite slot games available today, the game is beautiful, it offers reasonably good prizes. It’s something we can recommend to gamblers that care about that sort of thing. Test play the game if you’re curious, and you may come to love it.