Super 6 Slots

Welcome to Super 6 Slots. Chinese luck has a rich history in the casino world. But don’t just settle for ordinary Chinese luck. With Super 6 Slots you Chinese luck is stretched to the limit. This is a fun slot with great graphics and a fun soundtrack and you can even win 10,000 x your bet. There are no pay lines here. Super 6 Slots is an All Ways Pay game and that means that all you have to do is to place your bet and hit spin. There are 729 possible winning combinations ready to come your way with every spin. There are also opportunities to hit a bonus round where up to 25 free games are waiting to be won. These are not just regular free games. These are big prize multipliers and extra wilds to take your winning potential to the max.

To start playing all you have to do is to make your bet selection. You can increase you bet by using the Up button and decrease your bet by using the Down button. You are ready, lock in that bet by hitting the Spin button. The reels will start spinning and when they stop you will be paid for any wins. Super 6 Slots has no pay lines because this is an All Ways Pays game and this is as if you are playing max pay lines all the time.

The scatter symbol is the Super 6 symbol and this appears at random on the screen. When you hit 4 or more of these symbols, you will get to play a bonus round. Super 6 wins are then added to All Ways Pays win and multiplied by your bet. If you hit a substitute symbol and you are short of scatters, the substitute symbol cannot act as a Super 6 symbol.

The wild symbols are a coin symbol which substitute for any symbol but they do change their behaviour in your favour when the bonus rounds trigger, now pay attention because this is where the bonus action gets very hot and heavy.

Try turning on Auto play. Instead of having to hit the Spin button each time you’ve hit a win, the software will do the spinning for you. If you’ve won something, you’ll get paid out automatically. Then, the software will spin for you once again using your last bet. That means if you’re betting $1 per spin, you’ll keep betting $1 per spin until you turn Auto play off. If thing feel a little too fast for you, you can turn Auto play off anytime between spins. The Auto Play will also stop automatically when you run out of money.

All the usual suspects are here for an Oriental slot, lotus flowers, folding fans, ancient scrolls, dragons, lanterns and Koi carp. The first hint that something unusual is afoot occurs with the games scatter, which instead of one symbol, is six letters which spell out the game name across the reels, more on these later, as this is the big draw to this game.

Super 6 Slots is based pretty much entirely on luck. That means you can hit a big win but you could also hit an unlucky streak. To conserve your bankroll, make sure you’re betting no more than 2% of your bankroll per spin. So, if you have $100 to work with, avoid betting more than $2 per spin. Risking more could see you eat through your bankroll fairly quickly if you hit that not-so-lucky streak.

Any four scatters which make up the game name,from left to right or right to left, on the same row or not, will trigger the basic spins round where all your prizes are doubled. Line up the SU or R6 part of the game name on the same line and you will also get grouped wilds on reels 3&4, line up SUP or ER6 and you get all of the above plus a five times multiplier. We aren’t done either, line up four of the name symbols (SUPE or PER6) on the same row to get all that plus an extra emperor wild on 4 of the reels.

The mad options for 4 scatters, things get even crazier for 5 & 6 of them. With 5, you get doubled prizes and grouped wilds immediately, two letters consecutively give you the 5x times multiplier. With SUP or ER6 on the line, you get the emperor wild on four reels and with SUPE or PER6 on the line you get all the above and two grouped wilds. For the 5th line up, either SUPER or UPER6, all of the aforementioned triggers plus the grouped wilds are now on 4 of the six active reels!

Finally we get to the 6 scatter bonus, where the game name really makes sense. Just getting 6x scatters anywhere gives you all prizes x2, and grouped wilds on two reels, line up two letters to get that win multiplier up to x5. Three letters in a row adds you the emperor wild on four reels, four letters adds you the grouped wilds on reels 2 & 5 and five gets you those grouped wilds on 4 active reels. All six scatters in sequence will give you two reels fully wild, emperor symbol as wild on another two reels, grouped wild on all reels and a 5x win multiplier.

All Ways Pays means there are no pay lines to worry about. Instead, all pay lines are activated and there are 729 winning combinations. 
If you find yourself one symbol short of winning big, don’t worry. The Coin symbol is the substitute symbol and can replace those missing symbols to help you complete a winning combination. The SUPER6 symbol is the scatter symbol in Super 6. By hitting multiple scatter symbols, you’ll get to play a bunch of free games. Just four symbols are all it takes to play on the house. So what are you waiting for? Why not start playing Super 6 Slots today?