Rushmore Riches Slots

The title of this game immediately leads us to think of Mount Rushmore. This is indeed the focus of the game. No doubt you will recall this as the famous mountain on which are carved the faces of four US Presidents. We marvel at that sight every time we see it, especially given the size and scale of it.

This slot has much to live up to if it is going to be as impressive as the real thing. However, we do like the resulting slot and we think it is going to be worth a shot.

Reels and paylines

The game is based on a format you have no doubt seen before. You should expect to see five reels and 25 lines to place bets on.

Coins you can select

If you like penny slots, you will be pleased to hear you can approach this one in just that manner. Other coins are also available, with $5 as the biggest value.

Valuable symbols used in Rushmore Riches

Instead of one wild symbol, you get four in this game. And yes, you’re right – each wild is shown as one of the Presidents carved into the side of Mount Rushmore. They will not appear on the first reel, but they can appear on all the others. They also have a chance of appearing in groups.

Look out for the Rushmore logo too, because this is used as a scatter symbol. This is also the only thing none of those wild Presidents can replace.

Are there bonuses here too?

Three of those logos in play on the reels will trigger some free games for you. To find out how many you have won, choose a logo. You are guaranteed at least five, but you could win up to 25 free spins. You then select another logo to reveal a multiplier for the free spins. The smallest one is 2x and the largest is 5x.

More scatters can be unearthed during these games. One scatter brings you another free game, but the more you find the more you can win – up to 25 more games.

Download and play Rushmore Riches slots now

This is a superb slot that makes good use of the location and of the images of those four famous Presidents. If you like the location or you simply want to play a well-built slot, this is the one for you.