Hillbillies Cashola Slots

Welcome to the world of the hillibillies. Chase Billy Bob, Billy Bubba and Billy Jo in this hilarious Hillybilly game of slots. Hillibillies are running wild all over the place and it is up to you to catch and tame them in order to win large rewards in Hillibillies Cashola Slots. Yee Haa!

Hillibillies Cashola Slots has 20 pay lines and 10,000 times your bet per line where the winnings are HUGE and you can win with each and every spin! You need the Hillibillies’ help to make big winnings. Billy Bob, Billy Bubba and Billy Jo are there to help you get your white lightening. Get the Hillibillies together for a family reunion. It is always a good time for a family reunion because the more family member appear on the reels, the bigger your winnings. Find the hidden treasure with the help of Billy Bob, Billy Bubba and Billy Jo. Join the HIllibillies in their world and find scattered Hillybilly symbols that increase your winnings and award you with free games for a chance at extra bonus prizes.

Enter the hillibillies’ rural world and help find scattered hillibilly symbols that will increase your winnings and award you with free games for a chance at extra bonus prizes. Join the hillibillies in their quest for hidden treasure. Become a hillibilly yourself and discover the treasure ahead.

Have you ever wondered where the hillibillies live and how they live in their rural villages? Enjoy this great experience while enjoying your favourite game. Discover the hillibillies’ world and win great prizes. Get ready to join this search for riches which are hidden all around. Hillibillies Cashola Slots wants to boost your bankroll by awarding you prizes as well as by awarding you the progressive jackpot which can be won at the end of any game.

The progressive jackpot is awarded randomly and can be won at the end of any game. It does not depend on how much you have wagered but is completely random and can be triggered at any time. The more you play this game, the more chances you have of triggering off the random progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot keeps adding on more and more cash until the jackpot is won. Then the jackpot is reset and starts all over again.

Hillibillies Cashola Slots is an easy game to play and there are no complicated moves. Choose your game and choose the number of lines you would like to play with and then choose how much you would like to bet per line. Then when you have decided on how to play the game, get the family reunion started. Press the Spin button or else play automatically by pressing the Auto Play button. Whatever you win will be added to your account. All you have to do is sit back and watch your winnings pile up. If you have any queries or any questions regarding the pay table, then press the Menu button.

Hillibillies Cashola Slots symbols serve as scatters and they pay in any direction. If all the family shows up on one spin your winnings could be multiplied by up to 40 times. However if two or more hillibilles show up, then you will win up to eight free games and if they are in the right position, you can even win an extra bonus prize. This is a game which keeps on giving. When you spin the wheels you could have an instant win. Remember however, that including the family – Billy Bob, Billy Bubba and Billy Jo – in your game can increase your winnings substantially. Each hillibilly is a scatter symbol and that is why finding one of them can boost your winnings substantially.

When you collect two or more hillibillies on your screen, the family will earn you up to eight free games. These special symbols are a substitute for all other symbols and when they form part of a winning combination, then they multiply your winnings by up to 40 times! The family can help if you like free spins. You can win huge amounts with these hillibillies because when combined, you can win up to 10,000 your bet. Progressive jackpots pop up at any time and these can seriously add to your winnings! The more you play the more you increase your chances of winning the progressive jackpot which can be triggered at any random time of play at the conclusion of every spin.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to start playing Hillibillies Cashola Slots and to have the time of your life. This is a hilarious, amusing game that can win you great money prizes. So start playing this Hillybilly game today and you will not be able to stop yourself from smiling!