Planet of the Roos Slots

Planet of the Roos is a slot game, with a 5x3 layout and 25 payout lines. As you spin the reels keep an eye out for three symbols; the Wild, Scatter and Coin. This game offers a range of features such as spins, a thrilling bonus round, wild and scatter symbols that can boost your winnings a multiplier to increase your rewards and even progressive jackpots. With a Return to Player of 96.5% Planet of the Roos is known for its captivating theme and vibrant graphics that transport players to the outback. It's worth mentioning that this game is designed to be mobile friendly using cutting edge technology.

Lets dive into the theme and gameplay!

Planet of the Roos stands out with its graphics. Enchanting music creating a truly immersive experience. The game takes on a rugged atmosphere reminiscent of a marsupial themed Planet of the Apes adventure. However what really makes it special is how kangaroos are portrayed as not marsupials but generous rulers in their own realm. This unique concept adds a layer of excitement that will surely captivate players.

Now lets talk about symbols and payouts!

In Planet of the Roos you'll discover a variety of symbols that have potential for astronomical winnings. Each symbol holds the key to unlocking rewards, in this thrilling game.

In this game there is a symbol called the Chief Kangaroo that can substitute for any symbol to help you win. Additionally there is the Dome scatter symbol that appears on reels and activates games while also granting extra spins.

Bonus Coin symbol

There's also a unique bonus Coin symbol that adds a twist to your gameplay. It plays a role, in the Hold and Spin feature. Can even award multipliers of up to x24. Alongside the playing card suits you'll encounter high paying symbols inspired by the Planet of the 'Roos theme, such, as intimidating kangaroos, floating skulls and mysterious totems. These symbols will truly immerse you in an captivating realm.

Scatters and free spins

cWhen three or more Scatter symbols appear on the gameboard after a spin they will trigger the free games feature. During these games oversized 3 x 3 symbols will appear on reels 2 to 4 adding a level of excitement. If another set of three Scatters appears during a free game round it will retrigger the feature. Grant a 3 free spins.

Get ready, for a feature called Bonus symbol and Hold and Spin! Whenever six or more Bonus symbols show up anywhere on the gameboard after a spin they'll activate the Hold and Spin feature. You'll be given three re spins while keeping all the triggering Bonus symbols in place. If another Bonus symbol appears during a re spin it resets the count back to three. Each Bonus symbol comes with a prize multiplier. When there are no re spins left the feature. You receive the prizes indicated on the Bonus symbols.

Now lets talk about Roo Palace Scatter symbols.

The Free Games feature turns reels 2 to 4 into one reel that spins along, with reels 1 and 5.. That's not all! You can win games by getting more Scatters, which means even more chances to win big! Brace yourself for an adventure where kangaroos rule and amazing payouts await in Planet of the Roos. A game crafted specifically for our players delight!In this universe kangaroos are not your typical marsupials. They possess intelligence, strength and incredible generosity. The great news is that they are eager to share their abundance with you. However the challenge is that you must act swiftly before other players seize the opportunity. Immerse yourself in a slot game, like no other by spinning this masterpiece with 25 payout lines today!

Embark on a journey, to the captivating Planet of the Roos, where a realm of fortunes awaits those brave enough to enter the palace of the Wild Roo King.