Prosperity Pots: Lucky Coins Slots

Prosperity Pots Lucy Coins is a stunning online slot game with features that make it worth playing. Not all gamblers will enjoy the game, but between its nice graphics and unique features this game is something special. You'll like the game if you enjoy high volatility slots and beautiful nature.

Morphing Coins

Golden coins change into one of the three colored coins when you get them. You will never know which of the coins you can expect when you get a golden coin and the changing symbols can lead to prize wins leaving you feeling suspense as you play.

Colored Coins Trigger Bonuses

The colored coin symbols are the key to unlocking any of the special bonus rounds. By collecting red, blue, and green coins you'll work your way toward triggering the bonus games where you can hold symbols to try and win, play with powerful wilds, and more.

243 Ways to Win

The slot has a 243-way wins pattern with 243 possible winning opportunities for each spin. With so many winning patterns active as you play there are continually new winning opportunities to take advantage of.

Four Separate JAckpots Available To Win

As you play this slot you have the chance to win one of four separate jackpots. There are Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand jackpots all available to win. Each is an exciting opportunity and more than one can be unlocked at the same time for the luckiest gamblers.

Optimized for Mobile Play

This game works well on most mobile devices. Anyone interested in trying the game can play on a phone, tablet, or another device. Test the game on most devices and you'll see that it works flawlessly.

Open the Red Mystery Envelope

The special mystery envelope feature has you open up an envelope for an instant prize win. The feature can trigger after any winning spin while playing the slot. This bonus is intriguing and creates excitement and unexpected prize payouts. When you play the game you won't know what sort of prizes to expect.

It is Free to Try

You will never know if you'll like this game until you try it. Test the game for free and learn all you can about it. If you spend the time getting to know the game for free you can choose to play using real money later on if you want to.

Highly Volatile

Prosperity Pots Lucky Coins is incredibly volatile and it's impossible to predict what's going to happen with any spin. Wins are rare, and players will go extended periods without getting a single win only to get large prize payouts. If you like unpredictable games, and don't mind waiting for large payouts, this game has an intense appeal to it.

Win Up to 3750x

With enough luck you could win 3750x your entire wager amount. That's a huge prize no matter how much you're wagering. Bet an amount you're comfortable with and you could have an exciting win after a single spin.

Simple Autoplay

We love how easy the autoplay feature is to use in this game. Press the auto spin button, choose the number of spins, and let the game do the rest. Autoplay makes it possible to go through a large number of spins without pressing the button repeatedly.

Prosperity Pots Lucky Coins isn't a unique game, but it brings together features that make it worth trying. Test this game and you'll quickly see why so many gamblers are talking about this game.