It's Good to be Bad Slots

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Typesclassic, bonus, 3-reel
ThemesClassic Slot Symbols
It’s Good to be Bad Slots is different from any other slots because it has two different play styles, one using a 25 cents and a dollar version. This is a unique game and it is also distinctive because of several features. The pay table is positioned at the front side of the machine. This will make playing a lot easier and more convenient for players, as they can see all the actions right before their eyes. This makes things much easier for player when they know exactly where they stand.

It's Good to Be Bad is a 3-reel, system-wide Progressive Slot machine, and the pay table is displayed on the machine. This game has a special feature which catches the attention of players that makes It’s Good to be Bad noticeable from the crowd. To win the progressive jackpot, a player must intentionally lose the game. Lose the game to win. The progressive jackpot total is displayed just above the reels, and re-starts at $100,000 every time the progressive jackpot is won. This slot machine may only be played in denominations of $.25 or $1, and only a 3-coin bet (max bet) allows the player to participate in the progressive. Keep accumulating losing spins to increase the Free Winning Spins meter. Receive 29 losing spins in a row, and you win the progressive jackpot! Watch out!! Once you receive a winning spin, the Free Winning Spins meter is set back to zero. Then the meter starts all over from the beginning.

Losing spins are properly tracked for your convenience on the appropriate Loss Meter. When you have lost 4 losing spins in a row, you are awarded a free winning spin. The extra spin will be put on view on the Extra Winning Rolls Meter, which is situated to the right of the reels. A bonus dancing devil image appears to inform the numbers of losing spins you need to acquire to get the additional free of charge winning spins. You must make a maximum bet (3-coins) in order to qualify for the bonus part of the game. Also, as you build up more losses, the lights on the side of the machine will begin to light up. The more losses on the Loss Meter, the higher the lights go.

Players can utilize additional free winning spins on any occasion during the game. Receiving a winning spin will make all of your accrued Free Winning Spins to be cancelled. To exchange the Free Winning Spins to the cash amount before this situation arrives, just go to the Cash in button which is positioned near the bottom of the game screen. Then you can exchange all your free spins for cold hard cash.

It’s Good to be Bad Slots also has a feature which puts several lights flashing on the monitor to inform players of the additional loses you need to win, but on one occasion when you obtain a winning spin the meter will be reset to zero, and you will be required to start back at the start of the game. This creates some anxious and real tensions as you go on playing and subsequently the meter mark climbs higher and higher. You are only qualified, however, to get the progressive jackpot if you make the utmost bet, which in this case, is 3 coins. The game is only playable with the amount value of 25 cents and a dollar.

The progressive jackpot in It’s Good to be Bad Slots is always displayed above the reels. The 1 dollar version of these slots starts again at $100,000 coin jackpot when someone strikes the progressive, while the 25 cents version resets its top prize to $25,000 coins. To play this slot game, players are required to deposit their money up to their maximum account balance. Multiple coins can be dropped by clicking on 5 dollars, 25 dollars, or 100 dollars chips.

Decide how many coins you would like to bet on the approaching spin. You can bet anywhere from 1 to 3 coins, but you must put the maximum wager in order to be entitled to the progressive jackpot bonus game. If you click the Bet One you will be betting for a single coin, while clicking it again will place additional bets. If you wish to wager the maximum stake, then just press the Play 3 Coins button and it will automatically set the reels to start to spin.

This is a particular game in its own right as you have to lose the game to build up enough lost game to be able to win the progressive jackpot. So, sit down and relax, and start those reels spinning in It’s Good to be Bad Slots. If you manage to lose enough games, you could win the progressive jackpot!