High Rollers Slots

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Typesclassic, bonus, 3-reel

High Roller Slots is all about the experience of playing a machine and when you load the game up, that's exactly what you see, although the downside of this is that it means there's a fair bit of wasted space on the screen. A high-roller slot machine is exactly what it sounds like. It's an online slot machine designed for high rollers-gamblers who are ready to risk it all to win big. While a lot of online slot machines only require you to put in a few pounds to play (or less), high-roller slot machines require that you put in substantially more. Some machines might take £100 as the lowest bet! How high can you go?

Many of them are delineated based on game play-for example, 3-reel slots vs. video slots vs. slotto slots. But other types of slot machines are placed in categories according to their coin requirements and potential pay outs. One of these catagories is the high-roller slot machines. High Roller Slots is exciting and for most people who love the thrill of knowing that they could make or lose thousands, this is the main reason that they play such high roller slots. The excitement of playing the game itself may be the main payoff. Also, there is the feeling of prestige. If a player is known as a high roller, this carries a special kind of honour in itself. It is something all gamblers wish to be if they had the money or the guts or both! Another reason for playing High Roller Slots is that the rewards are very high. High rollers also have special benefits when playing online.

Some of these benefits are that you could place a higher initial deposit and you could also qualify for a much higher welcome bonus. You also may qualify for additional deposit bonuses, and may be offered money back. For example, a casino might offer you 20% back on your losses over time. Cash back is a great reason to think about becoming a high roller and therefore High Roller Slots should be the game for you.

High Roller Slots is a name that evokes something a bit grander than the run of the mill slot machine you get presented with. But one thing their games are always is good fun and High Roller Slots has plenty of that on offer, not least from the simple sensation of clicking on the lever and seeing it pull down and set the wheels a-spinning. You can click the pay table at the top of the reels in the middle, which zooms you in to get the information about the game or to play it. This makes it easier to play, but also removes a bit of that feeling the design is meant to evoke.

When you play it on mobile, you automatically get the zoomed-in view. On desktop it's also not entirely obvious how to switch back to the full view (just move the cursor to the left of the slot machine to get that option), while the lever is also just off screen, so while you can click it to play. It's easy to get into the action with a simple play table explaining what's on offer, and once you've started pulling that lever and get into the tactics of the game itself, even if you're relatively new to online gaming or slot machines. It may not be as pulse-racing as driving a Formula 1 car or strolling through a Vegas casino with your entourage, but it's free and fun and you can't ask for much more than that now, can you?

In High Rollers Slots there is a racing theme to the machine with cars and chequered flags amidst the free spins. Here it'll get you a variety of prizes depending on multipliers. High Roller Slots name comes from the sly sense of humour and also the fact that cars have wheels that, you know, roll, but is this a sleek speed machine or an old banger?

The truth is that it's somewhere in the middle, neither one of the most addictive slot machine games you'll find out there nor a bit of a banger. You will love cranking the lever from the comfort of your own living room and there's plenty of variety to be found here.

High Roller Slots is a game for both novices and as a high roller. The novices are bound to get stuck into it straight away with very little need for extensive knowledge of slot machines. This makes it a safer environment to learn than in an actual casino, where you can feel self conscious and not at all like a high roller.

So come on, get your act together and start playing High Roller Slots today and as a high roller, you are sure to make high roller winnings!