Food Fight Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 5-reel
It's time to get stuck into Food Fight Slots especially if you are hungry for some spins. We are serving up a feast for the senses - complete with mega riches presented on a silver platter. Don’t bother grabbing a knife and fork because this game's all about making a huge mess. Everybody loves a food fight, especially when nobody has to clean up the mess. In this homage to mischievous mayhem you'll be flinging burgers, mash potatoes and tomatoes. Food Fight Slots will blow you away. And if you can put together all the parts of a cherry pie you'll get a chance to chuck it a cheerleader, or whoever you want, to win a huge pay out!

Welcome to Food Fight Slots, a 5 reel online slots game that'll have you smacking your lips for more as you fight your way to delicious wealth. But not all foods are created equal. Some foods lead to bigger paydays so be careful what you grab. With a bonus feature and tons of chances to win big, this game really has everything (napkins not included). If your mother ever told you not to play with your food, then we implore you to forget about that and get your hands messy with this feast of the slot machine. The theme is a simple one, but it is guaranteed to have universal appeal because, let's face it – who doesn't like food? In fact, we'd recommend that you don't play this game if you're feeling a bit peckish since it will only make you even more ravenous with its symbols the depict juicy fresh tomatoes, big meaty hamburgers, deliciously greasy pizzas, and mountains of spaghetti and meatballs. You had better leave some room for dessert too, because the slot machine also features some sweet symbols such as blackberry pie and chocolate mousse pudding.

This is a 5-reel video slot which displays some tasty treats and even tastier wins if you spin it right. The game has 9 pay lines to play with and a 4,000 credit jackpot up for grabs, not to mention a number of fun and exciting bonus games – in which things might get a bit messy! Admittedly, the game does suffer a bit from being outdated in comparison to more contemporary slot machines but, nonetheless, it does hold some vintage charm which might appeal to spinners of a retro persuasion.

The coin denominations used are - $1, $5, $25 and $100 chips. Next, determine how many lines you want to play, from 1-9, and how many credits, from 1-5. You can choose by either hitting the "Bet One" button up to 5 times, or hitting the "Bet Max" button. If you choose "Bet Max" you'll bet 5 credits at 9 lines, and the machine will automatically spin. Now that you've placed a wager and chosen the lines you want, just hit "Spin" to play! Before you can taste what it's like to win, you need to know how to play. It's really easy. Start by selecting your bet amount and the number of lines you want to play. Just click the Select Lines button to add more lines. Once you hit the max, it will reset to one line. Do the same to adjust the number of credits you'd like to play by clicking Bet One to add a credit. When you're happy, click Spin to watch the reels spin. When they come to a complete stop, you'll get paid out based on which symbols you've hit. You can see how much each winning combination is worth by hitting the Pay Table button at any time. Food Fight Slots may not be much to look at, but it does serve up a veritable feast of wagering options, giving players of all experience levels a chance to spin at a stake that suits them. Players have full control over how many pay lines they can lay down over the 5 reels, with options to play with as little as 1 single line or all 9 lines. What's more, spinners can choose to bet with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 coins on each active pay line, making for a maximum overall wager of 45 coins.

Food fights tend to happen wherever lots of young people and food congregate. College dorms, elementary school lunch rooms and Chuck E' Cheese are all popular locations. But there have been some notable food-fights that are much more than just an excuse to dump spaghetti on the head of that annoying kid that eliminated you in dodge-ball. Every year, the town of Bunyol in Spain becomes home to the world's largest food fight. Tens of thousands of Spaniards and tourists hit the town square to hurl more than one hundred tons of tomatoes at each other. Nobody quite knows how the tradition started, but one theory suggests it all began when a few friends had a food fight in the town square and then returned to the scene with more friends the next year. Another notable instance is from 2004, when the Taiwanese legislature made the mistake of discussing policy while enjoying lunch on the legislature floor. One thing led to another and before long the politicians were flinging rice, meat, vegetables and even hard-boiled eggs at each other. With a storied history like this, it's no wonder that food fights have evolved to eventually become this excitingly messy slot game.

Everyone loves ice cream, but we've got even more reason to crave it. Collect the three ice cream pieces - the cone, the ice cream, and the toppings - and you'll win an Ice Cream Scatter bonus. There's also a pie bonus, accessible when you collect the pie tray, the top, and the cherry. Hitting all three sends you into food fight mode where you'll get to toss pies across the room and reveal amazing bonuses. Enter a special bonus round when you complete a pie. Delicious graphics that will get your mouth watering. So dig in and Bon Apetite!