Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Cubee Time Travel Adventure Slots
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Typesbonus, video
ThemesTime Travel, Monsters
Most slot games today make use of some combination of reels and symbol combinations to pay out wins. That’s not how Cubee the Travel Adventures does things at all. This unique slot game has you work alongside Cubee to defeat enemies. Defeating enemies is how you unlock prize payouts and there are no reels or symbol combinations to worry about. Instead, there are energy balls, power levels and viscious enemies for you to battle. Save up the right powerful tools and you’ll conquer over your enemies and unlock some nice payouts. We were immediately impressed with how unique this slot game is, and that’s why we put together a full review of the slot and played it for several hours during the testing period. It’s a fun slot game, and you can learn more about what makes it so unique in our review down below.

Winning Prize Payouts

When you play this slot game you’ll be surprised to see that there aren’t traditional reels or payment combinations. Payouts are determined by how many enemies you can defeat instead. There are eight symbols each round, and you can unlock prize payouts by defeating between 3 and 8 of them for each spin that you complete.

Defeating enemies is simple to do, your Cubee just needs to have a higher, or matching power level as the enemies. There are four different enemies, starting off with a power level of 1 and going up to a power level of 4. Cubee begins at a power level of 1, and his power increases by one for every single energy ball that appears during a round. Get three or more and you’re guaranteed to defeat all the enemies present and unlock the best win possible for that round, which could be as much as 40x your wager amount.

Different Wagering Options

Make sure if you play this slot game that you place the wager amount you want active as early as possible. Every wager amount acts as a unique game and saves your progress as you play. That means if you switch wager amounts in the middle of playing your progress will be reset. You can wager as low as $0.20 per spin and as much as $50.00 per spin depending on how much money you have available. Choose an amount you are comfortable with and play from there.

Unlocking Bonuses Along the Way

Cubee is a slot game that’s designed to be a journey and along the way you’ll unlock powerful bonuses and special offers that make it into a journey worth taking. As you play the slot game, you’ll travel through time to different ages.

It should be your main goal to go from the starting age, to the Age of Pirace, to the Age of Vikings and the nfinally to Cubeland. To do this you need to defeat Rocco. Gather weapon symbols to take down Rocco’s health, and eventually you will defeat him and move on to the next stage of the game. During the land of Piracy, you need to collect cannons to save up free spins. During the Age of the Vikings you need to collect bow and arrow symbols to save up multipliers. When you finally make it to Cubeland in the end, you’ll unlock free spins for all the cannons you collected, and you’ll have a multiplier for all the bow and arrow symbols that you gathered. This is the time to unlock the best prize payouts, and you won’t have any weapon symbols to take away from your wins for each round. You can win some huge prizes during these special rounds, and you get to make use of the multiplier that you built up during all your free spins in Cubeland.

Once you’ve gone through your bonuses at Cubeland you’ll begin your journey all over again and work toward the bonus rounds once again. Cubee the Travel Adventures is an exciting slot experience and it’s very different from what you’re probably used to. If you want to try a different sort of game out this is the one. It offers impressive prize payouts, and it still works in bonuses, it just does so in a different way. The game is a lot of fun and highly recommended.