Lucky 6 Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 6-reel
ThemesGold, Irish Mythology

Feel the luck of the Irish in Lucky 6 Slots. Can you see the rainbow's end and a pot of gold waiting there just for you? This exciting 6 reel leprechaun-themed slot is bursting with ways to win and it is up to you to find them. For many the number 6 is a sheer beacon of hope and good fortune and for others it is merely a curse. Which is it for you?

Lucky 6 Slots is all about rainbows and shamrocks, enchanted mushrooms and horseshoes. Lines one through five are available to reward you for big time combos from left to right, and lines six through ten are great for combos appearing from right to left. Land four or more scattered LUCKY 6 letters in a single spin to trigger lucrative free spins. You will even gain access to added bonuses if the symbols appear on the same line.

Both the real cash and free versions of Lucky 6 Slots (bar wager capability, they are one and the same game) have 6 reels. The Rainbow symbol is the games wild and wild it is. Appearing across any of the 6 reels in no special combination, this symbol will unlock all of the slots real treasures. Functioning in the same way as a standard wild, the rainbow will override everything else upon your reels aside from the scatters (L, C, Y, K, 6). Lucky 6 Slots will likely feel like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This game offers a host of bonuses for players - including Mega Grouped Wilds, Extra Wilds, Wild Reels and prizes that are multiplied by five times! Put on your finest green clothes, and get ready to pursue awards of up to 50,000 times your bet per line.

This game bears a certain resemblance to a couple recently put out by emerging Spanish iGaming talent 'R Franco'. Both of these belong to the Game of Chronos series and are title 'Eagle' and 'Lion'. Any fan of a certain world-famous HBO smash hit series will surely be able to work out what theme they follow… If you've encountered either of these titles then it's highly advisable that you give Lucky 6 a shot. This game mimics many of the same patterns and functions, not to mention wager amounts and pay out capabilities.

Just as Leprechauns don't play by the rules, so Lucky 6 keeps them to a minimum. Simply spin the reels to get on your way to big time winnings. You can play up to 10 pay lines per spin, and 'LUCKY 6' letters trigger added bonuses for bigger winnings. With a little luck, you'll be able to claim up to 50,000 times your bet per line. With six exciting reels, the winnings can really add up! It's tough to catch a leprechaun, and the best way to do so is quick thinking and versatility. Much like capturing one of these small Irish figures, winning at Lucky 6 will require a healthy supply of luck. Developing a strategy for video slots is always difficult, since these games are powered by random number generators. Instead, just enjoy the beautiful graphics and combinations, and big wins will find you before you know it!

A Leprechaun is a small man with a burly red beard and a bright green suit that guards the considerable treasures waiting to be claimed in Lucky 6. A Rainbow is the multi-coloured roadmap that illuminates the sky with the ideal path to big time winnings in this exciting slot. LUCKY 6 Scatters are six important symbols that can make all the difference to your experience with Lucky 6. Collect four or more on a single spin to win free games, and get added bonuses when they're all on the same line. Pay lines are opportunities to win in slot games. This slot features 10 variable lines, so you'll have up to 10 chances to win on every spin.

This is a game full of lucky charms and many charm oriented symbols. Just as the luck of the Irish can come to you through this game, then so can the winnings land right on your plate. This game plays smoothly, competes with the best of the year in terms of looks and offers the chance to land on some decent money. With all of that in mind, there's not much stopping you giving it a go.

The why don't you give it a go right now? This exciting game of luck is sure to spark your interest especially because of the amount of winnings you can achieve and also for the frequency of the winnings. Are you feeling lucky today? Well then, what are you waiting for? It's time to start playing Lucky 6 Slots and may the luck of the Irish be with you!