Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Pharaoh's Gold Slots
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Types3-reel, progressive, classic
ThemesAncient Egypt

Travel back in time into ancient Egypt in search for fun and Pharaoh's own gold! Everyone wants to steal Pharaoh's Gold. Grave robbers over the centuries and millennia wanted a piece of it; 20th century explorers wanted it to haul back to museums in their native land and now, 3,000-odd years after the last Pharaoh was laid to rest, it's your turn. Pharaoh's Gold offers a Progressive Jackpot which can be won by getting thee Mask symbols to appear on the third pay line. Check out our casino bonus codes.

The world of Ancient Egypt has long been an inspiration for books, novels and games and many Pharaohs have been ransacked and plagiarised. This game is just that…. And exciting game depicting Ancient Egypt!

Pharaoh's Gold Slots is a classic 3-reel, nickel slot game which offers you the riches of an Egyptian Pharaoh. The lowest bet is just $0.05 and the max you can bet is just $0.15. You'll love this fun and playful slot game for its cute sound effects and animation, placed on ancient Egypt. The chips denominations are $5.00, $25.00, and $100.00 and you will see these chips displayed at the bottom of the slot machine for you to click on. You can cash out whenever you want and any of the unplayed money is returned to you. Once you have a chip, you can place your bet! Click on the "Bet One" button to start playing. To pull the lever, just click on the button that says "Spin Reel".

If the prospect of watching 8 reels spinning makes you dizzy, fear not: Pharaoh's Gold allows you to play with as few as 1 reel should you prefer to take things slow. Playing this game on 1 reel though would be like entering Tutankhamun's tomb and only exploring the first chamber. Aren't you curious to see what other riches there are to be found within? In that case, activate all 8 reels and hit Spin.

Pharaoh's Gold is a three reel slot machine played with 3 pay lines. The goal of Pharaoh's Gold is to line up matching symbols on the pay line. To get started choose your betting bet amount from $.05 to $5. You can play with one, two and even three credits at a time. If you wish to play with one or two credits press the Bet One button once or two times respectively and then press the Spin Reel button. If you want to play with three credits at a time, simply press "Play 3 Credits". You can practice this and many other free slot games without any restrictions at our Instant Play section.

Make the most of each win by playing with three credits as it will award you the highest pay outs. Set a bankroll and do not exceed once you have played it all. Know your wild symbols. In Pharaoh's Gold the Eye of Horus will serve as the wild symbol substituting for any other symbol in a winning combination.

With a jackpot of 100,000, Pharaoh's Gold is certainly worth your time. Give it a spin and see how much ancient treasure you can unearth. The action unfolds within a tomb, or at least an ancient Egyptian structure of some sort, complete with plumbing and a pair of deities standing guard on either side, staff in hand. Before you start spinning the reels, there's the option to adjust the bet level, which ranges from 0.1 to 2.0. If you're playing casually or are simply putting the game through its paces before deciding whether to commit serious money, place a low bet but activate all 8 reels if possible. Robbing the Pharaoh of his riches calls for scoring 3 symbols in a row.

The icons are based around hieroglyphics, including the Eye of Horus, which was an ancient symbol of power and health. There's also golden pyramids, scarab beetles and a coiled cobra. 3 cobras in a row are worth 200, 3 dog deities are worth 1,000 and 3 red scarabs command a cool 10,000. Your ability to identify the remaining symbols by name will depend on your knowledge of ancient Egyptian culture, but you'll recognise them by sight all right, such is their pervasiveness in adventure movies and TV series. Score 3 bonus symbols in a row and you'll be taken through to the bonus game, Wheel of Pharaoh. While two golden Egyptian cats look on, you're obliged to spin the wheel to determine the value of the multiplier you receive. Bonus wins are multiplied by the line bet you've set. In the centre of the wheel, a green scarab beetle glows like a precious gemstone. So travel back to Ancient Egypt with Pharaohs and mummies and pyramids and you are in for an exciting and rewarding adventure!