Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

If you are a cat lover, Operation M.Y.O.W. Slots is the perfect slot choice for you. This game is a very traditionally styled three-reel, single pay line type of game that will appeal to players who are looking for an old-school type of game. Although it is a traditionally styled game however, the pay outs are more than traditional. The unexpected surprise here is that you can choose your own pay outs. Choose how much money you want to win. Even if you’re new to online slots, this game is easy to understand and a blast to play.

This slot comes with an adorable cat theme any kitty fan will melt over. Though traditional in its style, the look and feel of this game are outstanding. There is a top jackpot of 5,000 coins. With only 3 reels, even beginning players can enjoy the game without being confused or overwhelmed, as they often are with multi-line online casino slots. From an Elvis Kitty to Bat Cat, the slot’s furry costumed symbols can help players “purr” all the way to the bank!

Players have the option of choosing coin sizes from $0.05 to $5.00, with the top award of each coin pay out scale requiring 3 coins. Players can win up to $25,000 when they play the maximum of 3 coins, at the maximum coin size of $5.00 per coin. Before playing, players must familiarize themselves with the game’s symbols. They should then choose the pay out table they want to play, according to their online casino budget and choose the most appropriate coin size as a result. M.Y.O.W. stands for Make Your Own Win. When players switch pay tables they are entertained with amusing sound effects and with five pay out tables to choose from.

Although it sounds like the code name for some top secret mission, Operation M.Y.O.W simply means Make Your Own Wins. This unique 3-reel game is all about making your own wins and the theme of Operation M.Y.O.W. Slots is pure feline! This game will appeal to cat lovers everywhere. In order to add a dash of elegance to the kitty theme, the design is enhanced to be a cute and cartoonish Asian style. This theme extends from the static background to all the symbols of the game which include Coi, Dragons, Flowers, and other typically Asian icons. It is, over all, an excellently rendered and a very appealing look.

When it comes to Operation M.Y.O.W. slots, the Catzilla symbol is the Top Cat to land! When players land three Catzilla symbols, they win the top jackpot (size depends on how many coins they are playing and the coin value size). However, the game comes with other profitable symbols such as the Elvis Cat, the Kung Fu Kitty, the Lucky Cat, the Bat Cat and more. Each pay table corresponds with a different costumed furry friend.

Like the slot games found in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, Operation M.Y.O.W. allows players to choose the pay table that they want to play based on the coin value that they choose. In this case there are five different levels that may be played ranging from 5¢ all the way up to $5 per spin. Because this game has a single pay line, players may play the absolute minimum bet and still have the same odds of hitting a winning combination as if they were playing the maximum. The amounts of the pay outs, of course, are what differ.

First you need to choose the amount you'd like to bet with. You can bet up to 3 different coins per game and in order to win the maximum prizes at each level you will have to bet max (which isn't a whole lot when it comes to this game). You can choose coins for $1.00, $25.00 or $100.00. The pay tables on this r game each have their own names—their names in ascending level of value are Lucky, Catman, Kung Fu Kitty, Catzilla, and The King. Players may scroll through the various pay tables by choosing the always present “Next Pay table” button. This is a slot machine where you can choose you own pay outs. That's what Operation M.YO.W is all about, Making Your Own Win! Come and experience this one of a kind slot machine that comes filled with great adventures and the juiciest pay outs. Operation M.Y.O.W is a three reel slot machine that is going to make you win your own way!

The goal of Operation M.Y.O.W is to line up the matching symbols on the pay line. You can chose choose your own pay table and chose what combinations make you win by simply shifting between pay table by clicking on the "Next Pay Table" button. Operation M.Y.O.W. Slots is a super-traditional style of single-pay line, three-reel game. Despite that nod to tradition, it is an excellently playing game that all players will enjoy. The graphics are clean and modern, the operation is perfect and smooth, and the pay outs are exceptionally generous.

Operation M.Y.O.W is a game of chance but you can follow a couple of tips to make the most of this exciting slot machine: Make sure you chose the pay table with the highest pay outs. To maximize your wins play with three coins whenever possible. Set a bankroll and do not exceed once you have played it all. Knowing when to stop is will save you from having big losses. Play for fun money before playing for real money in order to get a feeling of the game and how to bet in order to achieve better results.

So settle into your favourite gaming chair for a night of exciting slot-game play, and start playing Operation M.Y.O.W. Slots today. With a choice of pay out, this is a unique and exciting game which is especially appealing to cat lovers. What are you waiting for? Play now and Make Your Own Win happen!